Dodgers: Trea Turner Shifting to the Leadoff Spot Might Be Great For LA

From the moment he arrived to the Dodgers, Mookie Betts was going to be their leadoff guy. It’s where he feels comfortable and where he wants to bat. He has made that very clear to Dave Roberts since the start of the shortened 2020 season. 

Even when the speedy Trea Turner came over in a midseason deal, the Dodgers stuck with Mookie at the top. They’ve since gone with Mookie, Freddie Freeman, and Turner consistently all season. Sometimes it has worked out great, and other times it has looked like they needed a change. 

But Mookie cracking his rib this week seems to have forced a change. Dave Roberts is going with Trea at the top of the lineup since Betts has been out, and it appears to be working out great. So far, Trea has gone 4-for-10 with a double and homerun. 

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On the season, Turner is hitting a ridiculous .429 at the top of the order. That includes a 1.288 OPS and a .478 OBP. He’s been a killer at the top of the Dodgers order on days when Mookie can’t go. So this injury might work out well for the roster to get back in their groove.

Obviously, having Mookie in the lineup is ideal regardless of how he is playing. Slotting an MVP into the top of the order is intimidating enough for opposing pitchers to have a tough time before the game even starts. But it’s also good to know that they have a guy that can take over in a big way.

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