Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Shows His Support for Joe Kelly in a Hilarious Way

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated]

Trevor Bauer has a way of making headlines for things he says and does. The most recent thing he’s making headlines for is his support of the Dodgers’ Joe Kelly. Bauer was very outspoken against Kelly getting a hefty suspension from MLB with the Astros not being punished, 

He took that to the next level today when he showed off a pair of cleats from his locker. Bauer had some custom made Nike cleats that had Joe Kelly’s famous cry baby face plastered on the side. The cleats also feature the words “Free Joe Kelly” on the side. Apparently Bauer definitely doesn’t want the Dodgers pitcher to be suspended. 

Bauer also linked a shirt that references the benches-clearing incident between the Dodgers and Astros. He makes mention that proceeds from all shirts purchased will be going to a charity of Joe Kelly’s choice. Bauer is giving away the cleats after the game, and those who want a chance to win must buy that shirt linked here


MLB shut down Bauer’s shirt decision and threatened to kick him out of the game if he wore these cleats.

Kelly is currently on the injures list with shoulder inflammation, but is set to come off any day now. Once he comes off, he will begin serving his 5 game suspension immediately. The Dodgers’ pitcher took his initial 8-game ban to an appeal process and got it reduced. 

Bauer has long been vocal about his displeasure with the Astros and their cheating scandal that rocked Major League Baseball. So when Kelly got suspended for throwing at them and inciting an incident, it’s no surprise that Bauer came to his defense. 

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  1. Glad Bauer has the strength to speak out on the Asterisks scandal and the way the Commissioner is attempting to hide the entire scandal and punish anyone speaking out.

  2. When is Bauer a FA so we can bring him here to LA. Need some guys who have it in the right places. Trade Wood whatever the guys name that took Gonsolin spot and Dave Roberts shenanigans and a bucket of balls with a 24 pack of beer and a case of gatorades and a box of facial mask. This should seal the deal

  3. I like Trevor Bauer. He’s politically incorrect and funny. He also loves to play baseball. He’s refreshing at a time when most people seem to be reading off scripts, and toeing the Manfred party line like sheep.