Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer Update: Restraining Order Denied, Administrative Leave Extended, What’s Next for Bauer?

Dodgers’ pitcher Trevor Bauer’s administrative leave has been extended through August 27, according to Bill Shaikin of the LA Times. This marks the sixth time Bauer’s administrative leave has been extended.

Bauer has been on paid administrative leave since July 2 as MLB continues to investigate sexual assault allegations against the former Cy Young Award winner. Earlier today, an LA Superior Court judge denied a request for a restraining order against Bauer by a women accusing him of sexual assault.

We discuss all the latest news regarding Trevor Bauer and what lies ahead for Bauer, MLB and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Latest

While the restraining order part of Bauer’s legal trouble is over, there’s still more ahead for the pitcher. With his paid administrative leave continuing for at least one more week, it affords more time for multiple investigations to advance. Bauer is under investigation by Pasadena Police for possible criminal charges. Additionally, Major League Baseball is investigating the allegations and could still punish the right-hander for violating the league’s domestic violence policy, which is clear in its disdain for sex acts committed “when the victim is asleep.”

Per the DV Policy

Sexual assault refers to a range of behaviors, including a completed nonconsensual sex act, an attempted nonconsensual sex act, and/or non-consensual sexual contact. Lack of consent is inferred when a person uses force, harassment, threat of force, threat of adverse personnel of disciplinary action, or other coercion, or when the victim is asleep, incapacitated, unconscious or legally incapable of consent. 

Notably, per the LA Times, “the case is still under investigation by Pasadena police and the possibility that Bauer still could be charged with a crime means that the league has not been able to interview him. Baseball’s domestic violence policy requires Bauer to submit to an interview with MLB as part of a league investigation.”

The league can still suspend Bauer even if no criminal charges are filed.

Returning to the Dodgers

With the restraining order petitioned against Bauer dissolved, criminal charges against Bauer may be harder to prove. If Pasadena PD determines no crime has been committed, MLB could face an uphill battle in potentially suspending the 30-year-old.

Since the domestic violence policy was implemented in the summer of 2015, 15 players have been suspended for violating it, with suspensions ranging from 15 games to 162 games.

If MLB opts to not suspend Bauer and reinstate him from administrative leave, his fate would then be in the hands of the Dodgers. Additionally, MLB could transfer authority to discipline Bauer to the Dodgers, Bill Shakin noted back in July.

If it were to happen, and if the Dodgers wished, they could then consider releasing him and paying off the balance of his contract — or trying to void the contract and risking an almost certain grievance.

The Dodgers have done all they can to distance the organization from Bauer while he goes through his legal troubles. A few weeks back a report dropped that current Dodgers players did not want the pitcher back in the clubhouse under any circumstances. 

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