Dodgers Video: Adrian Gonzalez Fights Off Fan To Make Catch

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

For a second time this season Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez encountered an overzealous fan when he went to make a play on a ball in foul territory.

The first was during a June game at Wrigley Field when a man sitting in the front row off the first-base line reached into the field of play to make a one-handed catch while holding and feeding a young baby with his other arm/hand. The fan was not ejected from the game, which Gonzalez didn’t take issue with.

Initially ruled a foul ball, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly successfully challenged the call and it resulted in an out. As strange of a sequence as that was, what transpired Monday night at Dodger Stadium was more surreal.

The play was similar, with Gonzalez going into foul territory off first base to make a catch. However, he this time reached into the stands to catch the ball, then had to wrestle his arm free from a fan wearing a Boston Red Sox cap.

As Gonzalez made his way back to first base the fan turned to the stands and flashed his Red Sox hat, which prompted the crowd to serenade him with boos. Minutes later, he and the woman attending the game with him were escorted from their seats by Dodger Stadium security.

Gonzalez didn’t have much to say of the incident, other than it’s not a situation he’d previously encountered. “Ahhhhh… Now it makes sense,” Mattingly said when told the person was a Red Sox fan. He initially believed the individual in question was treated unfairly when considering the Dodgers still recorded the out.

Clayton Kershaw also was unaware of the specifics, but echoed Mattingly’s comments once informed of them. “If he’s a Dodger fan that’s pretty ridiculous. And if he’s not, it’s a great play I guess,” Kershaw said. “Yeah, well that doesn’t make any sense,” he responded after being told the fan had a Red Sox hat.

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