Dodgers: Vin Scully Check in With Fans on Social Media After Hiatus

It’s been a tough year for Vin, but he’s hanging in there.

It’s been a tough year for legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully. The 93-year-old Presidential Medal of Freedom winner seemed to take some time away from social media after losing a few people near and dear to his life. 

Vin created the social media accounts in the middle of the pandemic last year in hopes of reconnecting with Dodgers fans. After a few years away from the booth, Vin wanted the chance to check in with those who had grown to know him as the voice of the team for generations. 

Vin’s wife Sandy passed away in January after a battle with ALS. The two were married for 48 years at the time of her passing. Then just 3 days later, long-time Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda passed away from heart failure. Another friend and long-time Dodger Don Sutton passed less than 2 weeks later after a battle with cancer. 

While all of these sad passings are not necessarily the reason that Vin has been out of the spotlight, it does seem like it could be a factor. But Vin checked in with Dodgers fans on Wednesday afternoon, letting them know that he was alright. 

Thanks for checking in on me. I’m hanging in there. All the best, Vin

Whatever he is doing, we wish Vin all of the best. He brought so many fond memories and so much happiness to Dodgers fans over 67 seasons of calling games. We love you, Vin! 

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  1. There is one thing I would like to see the Dodgers and Vin do. But it would primarily be up to Vin. Invite Vin to do one game per year for the rest of his life. No pressure. No travelling, except one trip to Dodger stadium. Just one game a year. With a co announcer if needed. If we can do Jackie Robinson day thought MLB every year, we can do Vin Sculley day once a year at Dodger Stadium.

    • Dodger106W, what a great idea for Vin Scully and the Dodgers to do. What a great gift to the fans especially the new ones who can see how a game might be covered to keep the listener informed on ALL the players and staff on and about the field. Scully had a way to bring us all together as baseball fans when we listened to his coverage and color. Most of us didn’t pick sides but instead slowly began to love every part of the game from umps to workers in the stands; the players were fleshed out on both teams so we would be able to know everyone pretty well because of the great stories Scully would weave. Most of us thank Vin Scully so much for being a part of our youth; we all learned to be moderate and balanced fans.

  2. I’m always ready for Dodger baseball. As a North Carolina youngster in the 1950s, all my buddies were Yankee fans. Not me. The Dodgers were the Yankee nemesis and so, I became a Dodger fan. Thanks to Vin, I’ve stuck with them, all these years.