Dodgers Vs. Astros Game 6: Lineups, Starting Pitchers, And More

The Dodgers and the Astros will play Game 6, a must-win for Los Angeles, at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday. The Astros will send Justin Verlander to the mound and the Dodgers will respond with Rich Hill. Both started Game 2 just last week, and both were solid.

Rich Hill went just four innings in Game 2, and gave up one only run on three hits. Justin Verlander, on the other hand, went six innings and gave up three runs. On the surface it seems like the Dodgers were able to really get to Verlander, but he surrendered just two hits that both happened to be home runs.

Here is what Justin Verlander had to say on facing the Dodgers’ lineup:

These are the moments that you want to be apart of as a baseball player… The whole lineup from top to bottom. There so deep. There so talented. They’ve got a great mix of guys that hit home runs and guys that really can battle you and not strikeout and put the ball in play and do the little things… It’s very, I think, similar to our ball club.

Here is what Rich Hill had to say about whether or not he would like to pitch deeper into Game 6:

I think, as a competitor, yeah absolutely… So speaking from it as a player, you say yes. But you have to look outside of yourself and look at the team and see what’s most valuable for the team.

Who knows how many innings Rich Hill will pitch in Game 6, but the Dodgers do have Alex Wood ready to go if Hill is pulled early. Alex Wood went almost 6 innings of no-hit baseball in Game 4, so to say that Los Angeles is in good hands with both Hill and Wood is an understatement.

Below are the lineups that both teams will bring to the table in Game 6.

As you can see, Joc Pederson, who homered in Game 2 off of Justin Verlander, is back in there batting 6th. Corey Seager also homered off of Verlander in that game to put the Dodgers in the lead.

It has come down to this. The Dodgers are looking to push this series to Game 7 and the Astros are looking to shut it down. What are your predictions for the rest of the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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