Dodgers: Walker Buehler Calls Clayton Kershaw The ‘Pillar of the Franchise’

When Clayton Kershaw resigned with the Los Angeles Dodgers for three more years – few within the organization were happier than Walker Buehler. Over the weekend, Buehler spoke with Sirius XM MLB Network Radio. When asked about Kershaw coming back, Buehler was ecstatic. He told Jim Duquette and Jim Bowden what Kershaw is in his eyes – and did it in an eloquent manner.

“He’s obviously the pillar of the franchise,” Buehler said. “We’re ectastic to have him back and just to continue to learn and mold young guys like myself after him.”

Moreover, much has been made of what kind of mentor Kershaw will be to the ace-in-waiting Buehler now and in the future. Obviously – if Buehler is saying something like this publicly – a fair degree of mentorship has probably already taken place.

Buehler recently hosted a charity golf outing to benefit children with cancer. He was asked about assuming the role of ace with Kershaw still on the roster.

On talk that he could be the Dodgers’ next ace, maybe in front of Clayton Kershaw …

“I think that’s a little silly. Kershaw’s one of the greatest to ever play the game. I’m just fortunate to play with him and pick up whatever I can from him.”

Nevertheless, it would appear that the duo have more than just a working relationship. With them figured to make around 120 starts each over the next few seasons – many of them following up one another – it’s great to know that Kershaw is likely grooming Buehler on the side.

Indeed, Kershaw is the multi-time Kentucky Derby winning horse who will someday give way to the younger, faster stallion. It’s nice to have both of these horses in the same stable for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Surprisingly, Grandal appears to be the best catcher free agent on the market. Barnes needs to regain the hitting that he showed at the latter half of 2017, that he did not show for any of 2018. Otherwise gotta rely on the unripe homegrown. Grandal’s “framing” equals passed balls and his hitting is too streaky, with the cold streaks being arctic in scale.

  2. Buehler said the right things about Kershaw. I hope he means every word of it. He’s got the stuff to be great but needs Kershaw’s work ethic and attitude to go along with it.