Dodgers: Walker Buehler Has One Goal, And It’s Not a Cy Young Award

Saturday night was just another outing that Dodgers fans have come to expect from Walker Buehler. Pitching the best season of his career in 2021, Buehler came on and allowed just 1 run to the Mets across 7 innings of work. He didn’t have his BEST stuff, but he was so good once again. 

Buehler also continued to build his case for the National League Cy Young award. Even before this game, he was a favorite to take home the prestigious award at the end of the season. He would be the first Dodgers pitcher to win it since Kershaw won in 2014.

But when asked after the game how much winning the award motivates him, Walker gave the answer that you might expect out of him. The Dodgers hurler just wants to win ballgames and work towards the biggest award that a baseball team can achieve. 

It doesn’t. We’ve got to make the playoffs and my big thing is trying to be a piece of that equation and push us to where we want to go. The individual stuff is cool but when the team isn’t where we want to be, I think it’s kind of meaningless at this point. 

The Dodgers managed to pick up a game on the Giants in the West and narrow it to 4 games. But that’s still far away from where they were expected to be at the beginning of the season. That can be attributed to a few things, but you can’t discount the way San Francisco is playing. 

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So while the Cy Young might be a cool thing for him to win, it seems he would prefer it coming after hoisting another World Series trophy. That’s the guy you want taking the mound for you every fifth day and going to battle for your team. 

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Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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