Dodgers: Walker Buehler Hopeful That Trevor Bauer Lands in Los Angeles

The Dodgers ace wants Bauer to be wearing blue when the season starts.

Another day, and another piece of information connecting Trevor Bauer to the Dodgers. But unlike the reports from the rest of this offseason, this comes directly from a player on the team.

Walker Buehler made an appearance on Dodgers Talk with David Vasegh this week to talk about the offseason. Among the topics to come up was Bauer and his free agency. Bauer has been vocal in the past about how good of a pitcher he thinks Walker is, especially on his Youtube channel. 

Buehler was asked if he and Bauer do know each other well. He went on to say that not only do they know each other, but that he wants Bauer playing for the Dodgers in 2021. 

I know Trevor a fair amount and have gotten along with him well when we’ve been around each other. And I think it’s hard to say that we wouldn’t want that guy around. It was an amazing year last year and we hope finds his way, I hope he finds his way into blue. But obviously, it’s a little bit above my pay grade. 

A Dodgers rotation consisting of Buehler and Bauer somewhere near the top would be wild to watch. From a pure pitching standpoint, the conversations alone would probably be incredible. But every baseball fan knows that Bauer comes with the baggage, including a history of online harassment. 

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If the Dodgers were to be in on Bauer, they would likely have to top the New York Mets. New York is reportedly the only team to make a legitimate offer to Bauer in his free agency. 

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  1. What Bauer has said online is totally irrelevant to his contributions on the field. In fact, I like his political incorrectness. It just means he has a brain. The $ and contract length are the issue. Kersh, Buehler, and Bauer would walk through just about any team in the postseason. But the contract would probably be too big, and push our young talent out. I still see Bauer signing a big contract with the Mets to give them a powerful one two punch with DeGrom. Since they already have Lindor, Bauer would make them instant contenders.

      • I’m with you. I don’t do social media. I just know from articles I’ve read that Bauer speaks his mind, and it’s kind of refreshing. He’s never said anything offensive that I ‘ve read. So for anyone to say that he has “harassed” people seems wrong to me. I like Bauer. And I like free speech.