Dodgers: Walker Buehler Talks Kershaw, Fantasy Football, and More!

One of the only good parts about this baseball hiatus has been watching players pop up on every podcast known to man. Normally a time when guys would be too busy prepping for games, this month has seen plenty of players sitting down for hours at a time to talk baseball. The Dodgers’ Walker Buehler is usually pretty quiet, but he sat down with Jomboy and Trevor Plouffe this week on the Talkin’ Baseball podcast

Kershaw’s Sketcher’s Deal

The first thing you notice throughout the course of this interview is that Buehler has a lot of respect and admiration for fellow Dodgers’ teammate Clayton Kershaw. But that admiration is slightly put into question when asked about Kersh’s shoe deal with Sketchers. 

They are a Sketchers product, I do know that…They are eerily similar to the Under Armour cleats…I also told him when he brought up the idea of the Sketchers deal, I’m a big shoe guy, I really care about my cleats. I asked him if he would rather have the money from the Sketchers deal or the respect of his peers, and he chose the Sketchers cleats.

Kershaw gets ragged on for being the only Sketcher sponsored baseball player. But to be fair, he’s a dad and it kind of fits him perfectly. Buehler made sure to note that he would not do a deal with Sketchers if their reps approached him.

Dodgers Fantasy Football

Most Dodgers fans know at this point that the team is pretty serious about their fantasy football teams. After Farhan Zaidi went to the Giants, that left the door open for the rest of the league members to really get into it. As it turns out, there are two guys that are exceptionally good when it comes to fantasy sports. 

Ross Stripling has won the past two years I believe, but he is sponsored by Clayton Kershaw…but Stripling is also a stockbroker in the offseason so it does make sense that he has some natural inclination to be good at fantasy football…Barnes is very invested…I would be considered one of the bottom third players. 

All we can say is at least Barnsey is good at something. It’s no surprise to us that Ross is the best fantasy football player on the team, given he might be the smartest ball player we’ve ever had on our podcast

2019 All-Star Game

Walker was also asked about his experience getting selected to the 2019 All-Star game, the first of his career. As it turns out, the All-Star game is a lot more tiring than we could have ever imagined. 

I actually drove home the night after the All-Star game. I threw my inning, showered, got in the car and drove five, five and a half hours home…The All-Star Game is a long couple of days, I’ll tell you that. I’ve never felt the way that I felt walking into that park from a hydration standpoint, I’ll tell you that.

We can only imagine the things that a player has to go through in a week-long celebration game that means absolutely nothing. You can listen to the entire podcast to hear more about Kershaw’s pregame routines as well as Buehler’s coming up through the majors, and pitching in big game situations.

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