Dodgers: Walker Buehler Was at Joc Pederson’s 2015 Home Run Derby

Young Buehler was in Cincinnati for the Derby in 2015.

When Walker Buehler tells his grandkids of Home Run Derby legends, he will not begin with the 2019 Joc Pederson show. Indeed, the story begins a lot sooner than that.

On Monday night – courtesy of Jorge Castillo on Twitter – we learned that Buehler had seen Pederson put on a power display in a derby before. In an interesting nugget, Castillo tweeted that Buehler was a spectator for the 2015 contest in Cincinnati. What’s more interesting is that Buehler left with a souvenir that night off the bat of Pederson.

Apparently – you read that right – Buehler was in Cincinnati to finish off the details of his signing bonus.

Without question, it’s extremely unlikely for Buehler to see both of these performances live. On the other hand, getting a ball hit by Pederson in 2015 is even more incredible.

Of course we all know how the 2015 contest turned out for Joc. While it was a similar tale of heartbreak in 2019, there’s a silver lining.

Joc was thrilled to be there with his brother Champ and family, and he treated us all to the greatest derby in the history of the contest.

What’s more, teammate Walker Buehler was able to share that he has enjoyed Pederson’s power as a fan like the rest of us. Not to mention it took place in the same great state of Ohio. Baseball can be stunning, unpredictable, and random in this way.

Written by Clint Evans

Clint lives in Ohio, and played collegiate baseball. He loves the Dodgers due to his first memories of Chavez Ravine when he was nine years old. The voice of Vin Scully has been a staple in his life since he was a kid. No amount of baseball talk is ever enough, and he wishes the regular season was year round. He has written about baseball online since 2007.

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  1. The HRD was amazing to watch. Joc was excellent. Especially because Vlad really thought he just had it everytime. I am happy the Mets player got it but it does make you wonder if Joc passed through earlier before the battle if he would have beat Alonzo. Just food for thought! Never the less one to go down in history as AMAZING!!!!!!

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