Dodgers: Watch Vin Scully Explain Players Wearing 42 on Jackie Robinson Day

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There are few things in life that can make a Dodgers fan happier than hearing Vin Scully’s voice. The longtime play-by-play man between Brooklyn and Los Angeles was easily the best to ever do it, and he did it for 67 years. Since retiring from the booth following the 2016 season, Vin still offers that legendary voice to the team for videos and special announcements. 

From the comfort of his own home today, the 94-year-old Scully shared a few stories with Dodgers fans about Jackie Robinson. On the anniversary of him breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball, these are some stories you’re going to want to hear. 

Vin talks in-depth about a game in Cincinnati when Jackie was part of the Dodgers. He had received a very serious threat, and security around the ballgame was tense. Scully details a wisecrack from outfielder Gene Hermanski, and how that played into players wearing number 42 on this special day.

Flashforward to 2004, and Vin talks about the commissioner of baseball deciding on a Jackie Robinson night across all of baseball. And just like Gene Hermanskie has joked about during that tense game, all players across MLB have and will continue to wear the number 42 on this very special day.

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It’s a story that has been long talked about in baseball, especially with Dodgers fans. But hearing the legendary voice of Vin Scully explain it all is just magical. Happy Jackie Robinson Day everyone. 

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Dodgers: 75 Years Ago Today, Jackie Robinson Changed History

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