Dodgers: What Should a Chris Taylor Contract Offer Look Like Plus 3 Teams That Could Be Interested

Chris Taylor’s contract year went just about as well as he could have hoped. The super-utility man is primed to cash in on a strong regular season where he was selected to his first All-Star team and an even stronger postseason where he led LA with several key offensive categories.

In 11 games this past postseason, Taylor slashed .351/.419/.784 along while dropping 13 hits, four doubles, 4 home runs and 12 RBI. Taylor entered the postseason riding a 8-72 slump before breaking out in a big way in October. First, he became the first player in MLB history to hit a two-out, walk-off home run in a winner-take-all game with his game-winning homer against the Cardinals in the Wild Card Game. Then, he became the first player to ever hit three home runs when facing elimination in MLB postseason history after crushing three bombs against the Braves in Game five of the National League Championship Series. It was truly a historic run in October for Chris Taylor, who now enters free agency with his stock at an all-time high and will likely have a robust list of suitors looking to add a player with his elite versatility.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will have plenty of competition for the player who some experts have named as the team’s “most important free agent’, and we throw out some teams that could be interested in his services including the Mariners, Cardinals, Giants, Cubs and more.

Plus, what kind of contract should the Dodgers offer Taylor and why he’ll likely stay in LA.


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  1. Want and deserves to be a everyday player…he has said good bye…in his post game interview….after the Braves series…same situation as KIKI…don’t think they believe they would be everyday players for the Dodgers…he is gone

        • Doc is on contract thru 2022. CT3 wants to come back to the Dodgers; doc’s contract status has nothing to do with whether CT3 comes back. Just the fact he’s been proven to be so valuable playing under doc, that he’s thanking doc profusely for how he has been able to help the team

          • Joe, you would think that Doc and CT3 have a pretty good relationship. After-all it was Doc constantly promoting him to be an All-star! It was Doc raising CT3’s arm like a prize fighter for all the fans to see following his walk-off vs the Cards. I can’t possibly think CT3 doesn’t like Doc. Just doesn’t fit what my eyes and ears have witnessed. And this is what I found so absolutely shocking about his post game NLCS interview.

            Listening to Giants podcasts it sure sounds like they have their sights set on him. Giants clearly have more wiggle room than the Dodgers do.

        • Zobrist got his money from a team that lost a bunch of games to draft a number of top players, won a championship, and fell back to non-contention because they overpaid for FAs thus ensuring they couldn’t keep the players they drafted.

          CT3’s great but he’s a glue guy not an elite player. If you pay everyone 18M a year your payroll is 450M.

          • I’ve never seen Seager referred to as such. I mentioned before I’m not sure what his market if the Yankees are out (and I believe now they are.)
            I think it will be a late developing market because of the CBA. You might see some deals for teams by players that want assurances to get paid next year but it’s likely to be slow because of the agreement.
            I also think Friedman isn’t going to do any big deals this off-season because he wants to reset in preparation for paying for Buehler, Urias, Muncy, and Bellinger. My hunch – just a hunch – is he signs Taylor, Knebel, Nelson, maybe Pujols, and maybe Kershaw sentimentally. No bidding war for Scherzer or Seager, Kenley and Kelly walk, and no outside FAs pursued other than maybe some pitchers on the cheap. I think will see a lot of kids pitching next while he gets out of Bauer and Price before going after any big outside help. Just a hunch.

          • Bum4, I agree with you on most. Can’t possibly see them re-signing Nelson though. Way too many better options. Pen was a real bright spot for sure. I expect to see a lot of Mitch White in the starting rotation next year. Possibly Andre Jackson too.

            Too early to tell where ownership will be financially given the unclear nature of the narcissist and the CBA. Those will be the major drivers of what they can do.

            I can’t possibly see them re-signing Seager when they already went all in on Betts (too early to tell just how good of a decision that was).

            Should be a riveting off-season to say the least.

  2. In a way the Dodgers need CT3 back even more than they felt they needed Hernandez. Because there isn’t a CT3 waiting in the wings as a replacement. We saw how all the in house replacements fell short this past season.

    • Dodgers are trying to groom Lux as the new CT3. Only one problem with it. As much as I like Lux, he will more than likely fall short of comparable numbers put up by CT3. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope he proves me wrong.

      • The poor kid (Lux) is just snakebit…Game 3 of the NLDS, bottom of the 9th, 2 outs and he hits a shot off closer Doval (who had been lights out) that would have tied the game on ANY OTHER DAY THAN THE DAY HE HIT IT.

        Fast forward to game 4 of the NLCS, early in the game, don’t exactly recall the inning maybe the 3rd or 4th not important, he hits a shot and gets robbed by Duval bringing a HR back.

        Minus two postseason HR’s which will never show on his stats. Just sayin

  3. Dodgers blew it letting Kike go last year who I think is more valuable than Taylor; now they have to pay more to keep Taylor. I see him signing with Seattle to play 2nd base full time.

      • Depends. On one hand, he came up in the Seattle system. Downtown and First Hill aside, it compares well to SF. It’s “the devil you know” conundrum.

        On the other hand, while both cities are experiencing high crime, high homelessness, and gutted police departments, the SF ballpark is the worst park for hitters.

        The Giants figure to lose Bryant because of that….

    • Interesting concept. Can’t imagine it happening though. Today’s players think of their own noses. They could really give a sh!t about the team. At least that is my observation and mine alone. Don’t want to tell anyone how to think for themselves.

  4. IMO, if FO learned anything from Kiki and Joc departures along with having no one who can provide CT3’s production and clutch post season hitting – they will make signing him a priority as long no other team goes crazy in offering CT3 a crazy contract offer.

  5. We won’t let him get away; he’ll make approx 16 mil a year for four years with a possible 5th year option. He will decide whether he wanst to play one position predominantly or continue in his current role which is where is what makes him so valuable. I don’t think we’re going to want to just run him out to left field or second base every game.