Dodgers: What You Need to Know About the Bad Blood between the Astros and LA

For those who might have tried to forget, here is the reason why the Dodgers and Astros do not get along.

One of the biggest scandals in MLB history belongs to the Houston Astros. In 2017, the Astros were able to find a way to take sign-stealing to a whole new level. This team would go as far as using electronics to get a glimpse of the catcher and figure out what pitch would be next up for the batter. Then the players who knew the pitch would bang on trash cans or whistle to let their batters know what pitches are coming to them. It is also worth mentioning that this is not the only year the team did this. This was just the year they got caught. 

Why is this so frustrating for not only Dodgers fans, but the Dodgers organization? 

Well, this was the same year the Dodgers and Astros faced off in the World Series and many fans feel like they had a World Series ripped right out of their hands. So, have the Astros had enough consequences? Well, in short, the answer is no, but you can be the judge of that.

For Dodgers fans, the only consequence the Astros really got from this scandal is that they now have an unofficial asterisk next to their World Series win.

Here is what Cody Bellinger had to say about it last year. 

The Astros cheated and the public has been waiting for punishment that results in the stripping of their title.

Although that has not happened, last year the MLB did give the Astros some harder punishments with their GM and Manager suspended, plus a $5 million fine, and a loss of their 1st and 2nd draft picks for 2020 and 2021. The MLB and the commissioner Rob Manfred decided not to have individual players face any consequences. 

Now, what made this whole debacle worse (in the opinion of many) is how several key Astros cheaters players acted after the punishment was handed down. 

Overall, the animosity the Astros created against the entire MLB will not die down anytime soon, especially not for Dodgers fans.

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Written by Brenna White


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  1. What we know is Manfred and MLB caused a lot of anger and disgust around baseball because they FAILED to give those horrific players the punishment they deserve! Astro cheaters got away with murder and the animosity towards them is all caused by Manfred, the absolute WORST commisioner of all time in any sport.

  2. All the Astros players should have been punished individually. It seems that the team didn’t have any remorse after they got caught. This tells our children that it’s ok to cheat because there isn’t any accountability. Poor sportsmanship was shown here. Shameful baseball team. Manfred failed the entire baseball organization, without a doubt.

  3. Stupid move starting Bauer after 126 pitches against SF. He clearly did not have it tonight with his control and should been pitching tomorrow night in LA against SF with an extra day of rest. A bullpen game was in order tonight. If this usage continues they’re going blow out our starters. Gonsolin is very important to the team right now.

  4. Thanks, Brenna, for writing about this worst scandal in baseball history and thanks, Clint, for stating a satisfactory resolution to this ugly scandal.

    Dodger fans – never forgive or forget!

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