Dodgers: When Can We Expect to See Josiah Gray and Should David Price Become a Starter?

With the Dodgers down a starter for at least another 5 days, the focus has shifted to internal options to fill out the rotation. A lot of chatter has surrounded veteran left-hander David Price of late. Dave Roberts says it wouldn’t be ideal for the former Cy Young award winner to build up to a starter’s workload during the season, but Price says he’s willing and ready to step up to the plate.

Meanwhile, down on the farm, top pitching prospect Josiah Gray has missed most of the minor league season dealing with a shoulder impingement. While he’s now back and throwing again, he still has to not only build up his stamina, he also has to prove he can get batters out at a high level.


Trevor Bauer will be out for at least five more days as of right now, but beyond that, the Dodgers need more help in the rotation as the innings pile up for guys like Julio Urias and Walker Buehler. Beyond that, Clayton Kershaw hasn’t made 30+ starts since 2015.

It’s a tough position for Los Angeles. If Bauer is out longer than the five days — and LA’s next step with the right-hander will be under heavy scrutiny either way — Andrew Friedman will absolutely need to look at the trade market for help. But if the right-hander does return, chances are the team can look internally to ease the workload on the rotation for the next three months and into the postseason.

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  1. They need to make David Price a starter. He has the experience and winning track record. MLB needs to reinstate Trevor Bauer. Suspending him over an ex-parte DVP is a violation of his civil rights. Impeach the judge that violated Bauer’s due process and equal protection rights.

    • Yes, hopefully that girl’s case will be thrown out but not only should that judge be impeached for violation of Bauers civil rights but Manfred of ALL people needs impeachment. He is a poison to this game and has some vendetta or so it appears against the Dodger organization. Not very many people, players and management alike can even stand the sight of him right about now.

  2. i think bauer should be reinstated the players never should have agreed to the domestic violence policy in the first place what happens off the field has nothing to do with playing baseball

  3. This is simple. Just put Price through an “in-progress” spring training and ramp up his workload while also saving your bullpen from any more “opener” games.

    Start Price as an “opener” and he goes a little further each start. Just like in spring training. Each new start should bring another extra few pitches until he gets back to his regular routine and workload.

    Shouldn’t take too long to get him up to 5-6 innings per start either; he says he feels good and is ready for this. What’s so difficult about this?