Dodgers: Which Ranks Higher for Chris Taylor, the World Series Home Run or The Catch

Every player has their signature moment at some point in a Dodgers uniform. Some of them come often, and some come in one huge moment that defines a player’s career. For Chris Taylor, he’s been lucky enough to have a few of those moments throughout his four seasons with Los Angeles. 

Speaking on an Instagram live session with Ross Stripling, a fan asked CT3 which was his favorite moment of his career. The two choices offered? The first-pitch homerun in the 2017 World Series or the miraculous catch during the 2018 National League Championship Series. The Dodgers’ utilityman had a tough time answering. 

Oh, I don’t know. That’s a tough one. I guess that catch was more important? Ya know, I think at that point in the game…we ended up winning that game and making it to the World Series. But it’s tough…You know that was the first pitch I saw in the World Series, that was a special moment for me too.

Taylor starting off the Dodgers’ home-half of the first inning in Game One of the 2017 World Series with a bomb was quite a moment. Right off of the bat, it felt almost certain that the Dodgers were going to win that series, and they likely would have if not for a bunch of cheating Astros.

The catch made against the Brewers was huge for the Dodgers though. Up just one run in the fifth inning of a pivotal game seven, Taylor robbed Christian Yelich of extra bases and kept the Dodgers up. They would go on to win that game, but the Brewers seemed out of it from the moment Taylor tracked down that ball in left-center. The homerun to start the World Series was great, but that catch was epic. 

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