Dodgers: Will Corey Seager Sign With LA, Yankees, Angels, Giants? Trea Turner Trade Impact

With Corey Seager just months away from entering free agency, the Dodgers are getting closer to having to make a decision as to whether to make the 2020 World Series MVP a part of their long-term plans.

We discuss the factors that will determine if Seager will re-up with the Dodgers or if he’ll look to join other clubs that he’s been linked to like the Yankees, Giants, and Angels.

Plus, what kind of statement did Andrew Friedman make by trading for Trea Turner, and did trading for Trea signal the end of Corey Seager in Blue?


Like we discussed yesterday, Friedman created a little bit of a logjam at shortstop with the Turner acquisition. Both players are game changers but if Corey’s asking price is too high in free agency, the Dodgers may have no choice but to let him field other offers.

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Written by Doug McKain


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  1. This is still aways away but the last think I want see is Dodgers having lost BOTH Seager and Trea Turner to FA before the onset of the 2023 season. My guess is one of those guys will get re- signed.

  2. The Dodgers have the scratch. Lock in Seager AND TT and, barring injuries (yah Seager, you!), the middle of the field and top of the lineup will be rock solid and set for a while.

  3. By now, Friedman has had numerous conversations with Scott Boras about a contract and what they’re looking for. In fact, I’d bet dollars to donuts that they talked again right before Seager was activated. The trade for Trae Turner was indeed insurance.

    A great sixty game season and MVP awards does NOT cover up the fact that Seager cannot stay healthy. The Dodgers cannot count on him to be there for a whole year, let alone half a year.

    I do believe that with Turner on board, the Dodgers are going to offer Seager a 3B contract, not a SS contract. They can still keep Trae at 2B for another year, but once Justin Turner’s contract is up (and unless the NL has a DH) they will then have Seager move to 3B to extend his career (and hopefully keep him ON the field) and Trae will slide to SS.

    Since Lux is struggling, they need stability and production at 2B for now…

    • Hmmm … really hard to hold him to account for getting hit by a pitch. I think he’s beyond his early injuries and I’m sure many – if not all – teams will think the same. Say what you want about his ordinary defense but the man can hit. He’s one of only a select few that can carry a team as we’ve seen. When he’s hot he does serious damage.

  4. You are missing the boat. He is going to Atlanta? His boyhood team n his wife wants to return to the South!!

  5. I hate to say it, but I can almost guarantee that Seager will be gone. Same for Kenley, Kershaw, Taylor, and Pollock.

    • I hate to say it but I think that you will find yourself wrong after the trades are over. My guess is that Taylor will sign as well as Pollack, if he remains hot the rest of the season. I won’t shed a tear when KJ goes and Kershaw can go back to Texas where he wants to retire. He has had his better days and now he has lost value because of the elbow issue, that will never go away unless he has TJ surgery. I think that Scherzer will get a decent contract so he can retire wearing Dodger Blue.

      • I do not see Taylor or Pollock going anywhere nor do I want to see either of them going anywhere. They have, with a few others, virtually carried our team through all of the injuries. I also agree that KJ will likely be gone. Although I would hate to see Seager leave the Dodgers, with Trea Turner we are not as vulnerable if the demands to keep Seager are too much. I honestly believe that Kershaw retires in Dodgers Blue…but we will see.

        • The problem is that both Taylor and Pollock will want a shitload of money if they want to stay with the Dodgers. I don’t see that happening, especially since we have the biggest payroll in all of baseball.

    • Pollock is not a FA until 2024, Taylor will assured be resigned, and KJ and Clayton only return on significantly reduced rates.

      Seager will be tough to resign because of his agent and that he will will have a lot of options that the Dodgers can’t meet.

    • Well I’m just happy we still have them here to finish off their contract, so we must win it all this year one more time for them. I’m quite sure when they originally signed their contracts they were all happy campers to be a Dodger. For each individual circumstances change and life choices take different paths. I am proud how these guys made major contributions during their tenure and be terrific role models for future Dodgers. Finish off strong guys and always glad for you to be back!

  6. Keep them both. Move Seager to 3rd, JT to 1st, Max to 2nd and Trea to play SS, with Smith catching. AJ, CT3, and Betts in the OF. Bench – Belli, Tio, Lux, Beaty, Barnes, McKinstry, McKinney, play who’s hot, sit who’s not.

  7. Turner as arbitration eligible and won’t be a FA until 2023. I am sure most fans would hate to see Seager go, but he won’t be cost effective and to be honest as talented as he is, Seager has become today’s Nomar Garciaparra. Super talented, often injured.

  8. No way they let Taylor go. I think they keep Kershaw at a lesser salary… He needs to retire as a Dodger. I would love to see them keep both Seager and TTurner, but that will depend on Seager and his agent. Pollock and Jansen are both probably gone which will give Taylor an everyday slot in left field. I am curious what is going to happen with Bauer’s contract. Are they going to be able to void it to free up that money? If so, that will help retain some of the other players.

  9. Trea Turner changes everything for the Dodgers. They are in the driver seat again with Corey. He’s as good as gone with Boras trying to get him big bucks. Not saying I wouldn’t want Corey back, but Trea is better than Corey in every aspect – a real 5 tool player.

  10. No one seems to mention that Corey has made it very clear in the past he is not a fan of the West Coast and wants to be a Yankee. If they offer, he’s taking it. Corey will NOT be a Dodger next year. And unpopular opinion…I know Trea has been a superstar this season and it’s only been a few games, but he’s not impressed me at all with his performance so far with the Dodgers.

  11. Seager would be gone for sure if Correa, Story, Baez, and other shortstops weren’t part of the mix. TT doesn’t even want to be on west coast….BUT if Dodgers sign Seager and TT, it’s because JT retires after his contract is up and you have Seager 3B, TT SS, Lux 2b, Muncy 1B…that could happen.

    Dodgers re-sign Scherzer.
    They offer a nice contract for Kershaw but he goes to Texas Rangers
    Jansen is gone because he will be offered higher $$ somewhere
    Taylor is re-signed to be jack of all trade again
    Pollock is given another 2-3 year contract
    Dodgers let Price, Kelly, and a few others go

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