Dodgers Will Host Christian Faith Night Festivities Following the Game

On Saturday, Hyun-Jin Ryu will take the mound for the Dodgers as they face off against the Colorado Rockies for the second game of a three-game series.

The first 40,000 fans at the game will be treated to a promotional giveaway of a Kiké Hernandez Jersey Tee and, for those interested, fans are also invited to stay after the game for the Christian Faith Day activities.

The program will be led by the Dodgers’ pastor, Brandon Cash, who has served as the team’s chaplain since 2010.

The event will feature the likes of starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw, reliever Kenley Jansen, outfielder AJ Pollock, and team manager, Dave Roberts. Each will share their personal testimony and provide insight into how their faith has impacted their lives in professional baseball.

Both Kershaw and Jansen spoke at last year’s Christian Faith Day, an event that has been hosted annually at Dodger Stadium. This will be Pollock’s first time participating as it’s his first year with the team.

In the past, former Dodgers players such as Adrian Gonzalez and A.J. Ellis were also commonly featured in the annual festivities.

In addition to the featured speakers, the postgame program this year will also include a musical performance by Hillsong California.

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    • Its refreshing to know that baseball still embraces our Christian heritage when other businesses and organizations (including our government) are marginalizing us and denying our heritage.

      • Calm down there’s no war against Christianity you’re just being made to believe that. It’s called order out of chaos. They want everyone fighting with each other for the reasons they make up. Having a FagNight at dodger stadium has nothing to do with you and your faith, it’s just a way to make them feel welcome too in a world where people persecute them for no reason other than sexual orientation

  1. I am shocked that it is actually called “Christian Faith Day” I give the Dodgers ownership extreme credit for this. In a sport that we actually put pressure on ownership to win and spend their money to get the job done it’s refreshing to see a ownership group set apart a certain day to celebrate “Christian faith day”. My the ownership continue to be bold and declare this day always.
    My fear is that some day those who hate Christians and their faith in Jesus Christ will try to rake this day away or at the very least be forced to call it “faith day” instead of “Christian faith day”
    Thank you to the Dodger ownership for declaring this day.