Dodgers Will Look For Relief Help, But Still Count On Joe Kelly

Los Angeles wants to add help, but faith in Joe Kelly remains.

With less than a week to go before the MLB trade deadline, the Dodgers have spoken about the strange reliever market in baseball. Without question, Los Angeles could use a reliever or two to give their beleaguered bullpen a shot in the arm before October. However, they haven’t lost faith in all current members of the unit.

Using deductive reasoning, one can expect the Dodgers to be working the phones up until the last minute.

Now, Pedro Moura of The Athletic MLB writes about not only the Dodgers’ desire for a reliever, but their restored faith in Joe Kelly.

Moura talks about an at-bat in which Kelly really neutralized Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies. After that, manager Dave Roberts said that performance ‘spoke volumes’ about the repertoire Kelly possesses when he’s on.

Moreover, Roberts says the Dodgers will make a deal for new personnel if the right deal comes along.

“Our front office has shown, if there’s a need, we have no problem addressing it and lining up for a deal,” Roberts said. “But it’s got to be right for both clubs. For something to line up, the odds are still low, as far as both sides have got to make it work. Not just for the Dodgers, but other teams have to oblige as well.”

Time will tell if that player emerges and the asking cost is reasonable. Still, Roberts says the Dodgers are looking for that impact guy; and they’ll know it if it crosses their path.

“What you’re gaining has to move the needle,” he said. “We’re canvassing, and if we land on something that moves the needle, great. If we don’t, then we’re prepared to go forward with this club.”

Finally, moving the needle for me would be anything that takes a little pressure off the current group. While it’s apparent that the talent is there, everyone gets a little sharper if the sum of the whole is strengthened. And if you can add multiple guys to achieve this, that strength multiplies.

The Dodgers are on the clock, and time is ticking. Joe Kelly alone – even at his best – may not be enough to get this team a world title.

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  1. Joe Kelly has been solid lately. A 1.65 ERA the last 16 games. And tonight recorded an out. But, like you say, we need some help. Our team bullpen ERA is 4+. A lot of teams are looking for relief help right now. So the price will be higher. I would think Ruiz is off the table now. So without 2 solid prospects, going to be tough to get a good relief option in return. Don’t want us to just get a rental.

  2. Kelly is still spotty at times, but he has the WS to draw on. knowing he can do it, Kelly now just need to find the consistency. with consistency, comes confidence, and with confidence comes the strut and confidence, Kelly, will reward Dodgers their patience. power of belief and faith.

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