Dodgers: Will Smith Breaks Down Big Win Against the Marlins

The Dodgers defeated the Marlins 15-1, led by Will Smith.

The Los Angeles Dodgers dismantled the Miami Marlins 15-1, in Miami.

Will Smith went 2-4 with 2 HRs, 3 R, and 3 RBI’s. His home runs and RBI proved to be Dodgers records for players in their first 23 games.

He spoke with Dodgers reporter Alanna Rizzo following the win:

Smith on how much fun he has on the plate when everyone in the lineup is getting hits:

“Yeah, it’s fun, it’s definitely a fun lineup to be part of. I mean, 1 through 9, guys are hitting, and you don’t have to worry about pitching around because there’s that next guy behind, whoever, that’s got your back.”

The rookie catcher on his rookie record:

“It’s pretty cool. I mean, especially there has been a lot of great players that have come through the organization, I guess to have my name up there is special.”

Smith on how weird tonight’s game was all the way around:

“It was a weird game, the last inning and a half was kind of weird, with the umpire getting hurt, and then Adam playing first, and Russ pitching, it was interesting.

I mean, Russ can do it all, and then Adam, he caught that last ball, that’s cool.”

On Dustin May’s performance:

“He pitched really well tonight, his fastball’s really good, his curveball was really good through that last inning, started losing a little command, but his cutter is pretty good, and he just went at these hitters, they were pretty aggressive, and was putting guys away at the curve and the cutter, like I said, and yeah, he pitched well.”


On a record setting night for Los Angeles, the rookies set the tone while the veterans filled in the gaps. The Dodgers’ 80th win of the season was an exceptionally fun one.

Written by Levon Satamian

My name is Levon Satamian. I am currently attending Cal State Northridge, and majoring in Broadcast Journalism.


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  1. Isn’t nice to have a catcher who can play defense AND contribute more than just a ground out offensively?

    • Yes it is and and not counting Grandal when he was here , because he was not a home grown catcher from within, it appears that Will Smith has the best power for a home grown catcher here since Piazza.

      • Hey Paul!……..Grandal was the reason I mentioned defense…….he didn’t play defense well at all. That is why Barnes eventually won the job.

  2. all i keep thinking of when watching Smith plan is Johnny Bench. piazza was fugly behind the plate. He had very poor coordination but gave it all he had eventually getting better. Smith has nicer swing to my eye and his throws s are at, his gear doesn’t fly all over the place like Piazza. Power so far is the same or close. The kid looks very much along the lines of Bench. Grandal was never a good overall catcher and it’s great he is doing well in a different situation…

    I think we Dodger & baseball fans in general are going to watch a spec group for the next 10yrs or so…

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