Dodgers Will Throw Another Bullpen Game Tonight Against the Giants

Another day, another bullpen game.

The Dodgers are going to stick with a 4-man rotation for a while. That seems to be the case with them waiting on Tony Gonsolin to be ready. When Dustin May went down for the season with Tommy John surgery, Dave Roberts suggested the final spot wouldn’t fill until Gonsolin was ready to go.

The latest update is that Tony will need 2 more rehab starts until the Dodgers consider bringing him back into the rotation. That means he is just over a week and a half away from returning at the minimum. As such, Los Angeles will go with another bullpen game this week.

The Dodgers start a 4-game series with the Giants tonight in Los Angeles. It will be a team of relievers taking down the bulk of the innings for Dave Roberts as he keeps his starters on normal rest. And while he has not named an official opener, David Price seems to be the leading candidate.  

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The Dodgers should have 7 relievers that they could potentially go to on Thursday. If David Price gets the start, the hope is that he could go multiple innings. He threw 2 against Arizona in his last start when LA went with a bullpen game.

Aside from him, Edwin Uceta is the only other arm that the Dodgers would use for multiple innings. He last pitched on Sunday in San Francisco when the Giants hung 3 runs on him. Joe Kelly should make an appearance coming off of a one-out appearance against the Astros on Tuesday. 

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Written by Brook Smith

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  1. STUPID STUPID STUPID! That’s my response to these Bull Pen games. Price has been a starter throughout his career so just name him the interim 5th starter until Gonsolin returns. Roberts and how he manages the pitching and games flat out sickens me!

    • stop watching the Dodgers then. Doc is the best Manager in MLB easily. Price is on board totally with his plan. David likes the idea now of pitching in 3, 4 or 5 games in a week in relief. Try to keep up!

  2. I fully agree. Bullpen games are stupid. Just like last week the bullpen will be weakened for the next couple of games because the relievers pitched more than they are used to. If Price can’t start and potentially complete a quality start then we shouldnt be paying his outrageous salary. Bottom line is Dave Roberts is one lucky S.O.B. Fortunate to have the most talented lineup in history to cover all of his managerial shortcomings and make him look like a good manager. I honestly believe this team could win 120 without Doc’s micromanagement of the pitching and constant defensive shifts. Sure we get a few extra outs, but the shift gets beat multiple times every game.

      • Well our hitters also have to hit against those dumb shifts. The Dodgers are just as dumb or so arrogant that they cannot beat the shift, esp. w/ runners in scoring positions or needing baserunners when down in the score. Suck in your pride, so what an oppo. hit , it keeps the line moving and put pressure on the opponent’s defense. When they were winning and scoring runs, that’s what they were doing. Now they are all back to the ugly launch angle swings…..esp. Mookie, W. Smith, CT3, and JT, making both outs in 1 inning.

    • its a long season and the team know exactly what to do with each starter and reliever. Now that we won the bullpen game, can we sweep the gnats with 4 straight? Sure can

  3. Kenley was lights out last night against the G’s. He’s back in his grove with his control and pitches, Way to go Kenley!!!

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