Dodgers: With Enrique Hernandez and Zach McKinstry, Dave Roberts Likes What He Sees

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts spoke about his two most versatile players this spring.

The Dodgers have always thrived having the flexibility to move guys in and out of the lineup. It’s what got them to their first World Series in almost 30 years, and it’s likely what will get them back there this year. Los Angeles has found that early on with two guys in spring camp.

Kiké Hernandez is not a name unfamiliar to Dodgers fans, he’s been around for years. Kiké has also become quite the fan-favorite in his five seasons with the team. We already hit on Kiké’s swing adjustments at the plate last week, but Roberts dug into it a little more.

At the end of last year, he made a little bit of a swing adjustment and took that into the winter…he looks really good at the plate…Kiké is somebody you can count on and he continues to get better as a player.

Hernandez is hitting well this spring in terms of power, already launching 3 home runs in 16 at-bats. So far, all of his hits have been for extra bases for the Dodgers this spring.

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Roberts also touched on another hidden gem in the Dodgers’ system with Zach McKinstry. McKinstry has been clobbering the ball this spring going 8 for 17 with two homeruns and four total extra-base hits. Roberts already loves what he has seen from him, and thinks he profiles well.

He’s that grinding, gritty baseball player that we love.

A lot of love in just a few short words for the Dodgers’ Zach McKinstry. He hit .382 with 7 home runs in 26 games at Triple-A Oklahoma City last year. Dave Roberts is excited about him and fans should be too.

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Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. There isn’t room on the roster for everyone but that 26 th spot MUST NOT BE WASTED WITH gORE WHO IS A BORE! McKinstry should absolutely be considered for the active roster over Gore. But we know Dodgers might keep Gore anyway and that would be a wasted roster spot.

  2. Maybe they can send Chris Taylor To that Swing camp and get him to cut down on that all or nothing swing he has. If they could shotren swing by taking the big loop out of he would probably strike out less and hit more line drives with the same power, alot like Max Muncy.

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