Dodgers: Yasiel Puig Suspended Two Games for Benches Clearing Incident

It looks like Yasiel Puig will be getting suspended after all. Just a few days removed from an at-bat that sparked a benches-clearing incident, Puig was handed down a two-game suspension by the league. The reason cited was for fighting and inciting a bench-clearing incident after the Dodgers and Giants got into it.

There are two things worth noting in this suspension. The first is that Puig only received two games, many felt like it would be much more than that. The other is that Nick Hundley did not receive a suspension for his role in the scuffle. Both players will be fined, but Hundley will be allowed to play as normal.

Looking back at the tape, you can probably understand why Puig is the one who got the suspension. He went after Hundley pretty hard and was certainly the first one to initiate contact. Still, would have been nice to see a Giant’s player sit out a few games. I guess the embarrassment of being tackled by the 42-year old George Lombard will have to suffice.

Looking Ahead

Yasiel plans on appealing the suspension, so he will be able to play until the league makes a decision. He might consider dropping the appeal prior to a rest day to limit his actual suspension time. The team will head to Seattle this weekend to take on the Mariners in a three-game weekend series.

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    • Yasiel PUNK because that is who he is an immature punk who does not respect the game. He is a joke and the embarrassment for a Dodger team with a proud tradition of great HOF players. And this is coming from a Giants fan. Exactly what did Hundley do to warrant a suspension ? What a “homer” writer you are your not a journalist your a joke nothing more than a propaganda parrot for the Dodgers they can do better than you.