East Coast Brewery Rips Cheating Astros with New Craft Beer

Since there’s no baseball being played, there’s no opportunity for the Houston Astros to get what’s coming to them. 

Of course, the Astros were the center of a highly publicized investigation this past winter when allegations of illegal sign stealing came into the public eye. The allegations were confirmed and they were found to be cheating since at least some point during the 2017 season. Up to and including their World Series win over the Dodgers.

The punishment levied upon was deemed by the court of public opinion as weak (rightfully so) and it looked like Houston players were headed for a season of trauma, vengeance, and agony.

Then the pandemic happened.

However, you can always count on angry people to step up and passive-aggressively make sure that people don’t forget their crimes while fastballs to the ribs wait in the wings.

The latest dig against the Astros comes from an east coast craft brewery called Departed Soles. The Jersey City based brewer recently released a new signature IPA called “Trash Can Banger” which was an immediate hit on social media.

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Sometimes you need to bend the rules a little to Marwin the day, so we're up and at 'em a little earlier than we should be, getting a fresh new Hazy IPA in cans Justin time for a surprise Sunday release! Some of you may have already gotten the Signs that this was coming today, but beer releases are like a pitcher's arsenal, and you never really know what's coming and when… unless, of course, you cheat. When this pandemic first struck, much of our staff worked from home, while Brian rededicated himself to the Art of Brewing.. rewatching brewing school classes, reading new studies, and pouring over interviews, trying to Luhn(h)ow we could improve our efficiencies and processes. The result is a Fiers new approach to everything we do, from mashing in, to dry hopping, water treatments to canning, and everything in between. And, well, we don't mean to breg, man, but this new beer is Reddickulous, and you won't want to miss it! Brewed with Citra in our whirlpool, and given a touch of milk sugar for complexity, this juice bomb was twice dry hopped… first with more Citra, then with 2017 grams per barrel of Galaxy and Strata Hops… and just like an Asteroid, the flavor is out of this world! Like a craft beer Minute Made orange juice, to enjoy at a Park this fine day! Need some #TrashCanBanger in your life? Maybe Collin a favor with a friend if you're stuck in Correa, to have 'em pick you up some, or Cora ride share from Dallas to the brewery. If all else fails, throw a Belt & ran to the brewery, with a little Springer in your step, to be here at noon when we open up and release it to the world… Assuming our canning run goes off without a Hinch, 4 packs of this new #DefinitelyNotGlutenFree Banger will be available at noon for $17. Set your alarm to buzz, or tape an electrode to your chest to make sure you don't forget! The show Musgrove on! We're open from noon until 8pm, accepting same day delivery orders up until 4pm. Usual minimums, fees, etc. apply! Menu in story.

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The India Pale Ale can be picked up in packs of 4 for $17.

As part of the announcement, the company Instagram page had some fun.

Some of you may have gotten the Signs that this was coming today, but beer releases are like a pitcher’s arsenal, and you never really know what’s coming and when…unless, of course, you cheat.

Taking it a step further, the brewery mentions that the new beer is dry hopped with “2017 grams per barrel of galaxy and strata hops.”

Dodger fans, enjoy the burn.

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  1. As usual, the guilty go unpunished by the people who count – the fans – and the Dodgers get cheated again – unable to field their best team and the team with the best chance to win a title.

    • Oh let’s face it we weren’t going to win this year either. View this year as a nice break from the yearly disaster and that’s not just for us but the players. I think a year of not folding could do wonders for next year

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