Episode 22 – Jam Packed NLDS Playoff Preview | Blue Heaven Podcast

This week on the show, Kevin and FRG are pulling out all the stops for the NLDS playoff by welcoming TWO special, in-studio guests for the first time in Blue Heaven history!


But before the guests, they each touch on the MLB playoffs (and make their predictions), and reset their NLDS rosters from last week. There are some intriguing, and possibly shocking changes that you will want to hear. Plus, can Kenley Jansen be trusted in the ninth inning?

Next, they welcome Braves beat writer for the Atlanta Junction-Constitution, and former Dodgers Nation editor, Gabe Burns (@GabeBurnsAJC) onto the show to preview the National League Division Series, and what to expect from the Atlanta Braves.

Around the 56 minute mark of the show, the guys are very excited to welcome Dodger Stadium organist (and hero) Dieter Ruehle (@DieterRuehle) to chat about an abundance of topics including:

  • His background
  • How great Sue Jo is
  • The fun of working with Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser
  • How (or when) he gets to pee during a ballgame

Sue Jo is feeling the love… tell your friends!

It’s a long one, so stay buckled in!



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