Evaluating the Trade Value of LA Dodgers Starting Pitcher Ross Stripling

Stripling could be available to other teams as part of a larger-scale deal.

The Dodgers are in the hunt for some big fish this trade deadline season as it appears they want to bring a top-tier reliever or two to the back-end of the bullpen. The organization has many strengths, with one sticking out above the rest: depth.

After two years of disappointing World Series losses, it is no secret that the Dodgers need to make a move and it is entirely obvious which facet of their game needs to improve: the bullpen.

This is why starter/reliever may prove valuable as a trade chip this July in an effort to bring a back-end guy to the roster.

Ross Stripling is a lot better of a pitcher than most give him credit for and would be, at the worst, a number 3 starter on most other teams. He also supplies the Dodgers with innings as somewhat of a combo arm, someone who can both start and relieve seemingly with ease of transition both ways.

At the moment, Strip looks like a formidable long man in the hunt for October, posting a 3.65 ERA and 3.42 DRA this season in 66 2/3 innings pitched. He has also been solid against left-handed pitching, which would also somewhat negate the need to bring a third lefty onto the postseason roster and still be able to keep a long man. Signature Dodger versatility at its finest.

Here are some proposed deals that fans sent in to be evaluated with Ross Stripling in mind:

Trade #1

Dodgers acquire: Felipe Vazquez

Pirates acquire: Ross Stripling, Tony Gonsolin, and Diego Cartaya

This proposal is pretty on-base with what the Pirates would probably request from the Dodgers, if not more. Ross Stripling was reported to be of interest to the Pirates in the off-season in a Francisco Cervelli deal that never came into fruition. Tony Gonsolin has tremendous upside still at the age of 25. Diego Cartaya, a recent international signee also presents fantastic upside behind the plate.

Trade #2

Dodgers acquire: Brad Hand

Indians acquire: Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling

First of all, the Dodgers would most likely never trade away this much value from their major league roster and the Indians most likely would never accept such a deal. If this deal were to become something like Brad Hand for Ross Stripling and Keibert Ruiz headlining the package, this deal becomes a lot more feasible for both sides.


What are your trades? Let’s hear them in the comments!

Written by Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


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  1. Dodgers would be making a terrible mistake letting on of their starters go, if they’re going to trade, they need to trade their prospects period.

  2. To give up Diego Cartaya would be a huge mistake. There is no way in hell that I would give Lux, May, and Cartaya away in any deal.

    • Not one who likes to trade top prospects or players like Pederson unless there is top value in return. Pederson can always come back and haunt us. And Stripling is a valuable piece for us too. He gave us an All Star half last year and has been solid this year. But we have to give value for value. Ruiz and Stripling would be a good place to start. Throw Gonsolin in to ice the cake. Yep, agree with you Dan. Let’s do this–but no rental. A solid. lockdown type reliever with at least control through 2020.

    • You are absolutely correct. Those three players will be starters in three years for a long career. It’s it’s time for Peterson to go

  3. Today, the game of professional baseball revolves around the ability to slug, and the bullpen. Starters no longer go 9 innings and the Dodgers are no exception to this culture. So, giving up a quality starter and a very good position player only hurts the Dodgers chances of moving forward. I think they need bullpen help more than starting pitching at this point but that needs to come from the starters that can only go 5 innings. I believe they have the west already won, but once we get into the playoff 2 starting pitchers will be moved to the bullpen and that will help a lot. I want to see the Dodgers go after a “quality” reliever instead of some of the mentioned relievers, but only at the cost of a prospect.

    I also believe the Urius and Stripling both need to be in the roration at this point. Put Maeda in the bull pen now and move Julio into that spot of the rotation. Hill will be pitching out of the pen once he’s back in September and that’s that!

    Don’t panic at this point and give away the farm……..

    • As an article in the LA Times, today states trade deadline clarity is in flux because it is a month early and there are a bunch of teams thought to be sellers that are still realistically in the WC hunt.
      If I were the Pirates I would trade Velasquez for a big package as they are a small market team and need to get homegrown cost-controlled talent and the teams above them in the NL Central are more talented teams. I think Pederson, Stripling, and players like Gonsolin, Rios or DJ Peters might make them interested.
      I would be OK with trading Ruiz as catching is a strength in the Dodgers Farm System and they desperately need a lefty with control for a couple of years.

  4. I have repeatedly stated, I do not want to be Santa Claus on any trade. And, lets face it, teams can ask for anyone, and they think high when it comes to the Dodgers. Stripling stays. He is a good pitcher, better than he has shown. Besides, Maeda has taken a recent turn in the BP and that might signal something ahead. Lets face it, our BP, as evidenced by last night’s effort, is very weak. I would offer Ruiz, Brock Stewart, D.J. . Peters, Gonsolin, Yadier Alvarez, and Kyke Garlick in some combination. Maybe, a choice of three. . The Bucs catcher, Cervalli, is concussion prone; Ruiz would be a no-brainer for them. Peters is a power hitter. Gonsolin has some game experience. Go Blue!!

    • Uh lou. Those players are all career minor leaguers except ruiz. Not a prospect among them. Not even throw ins in a stripling deal. Have to give to get.

      • Peters is a prospect, especially with him now making more contact.

        These fans need to stop including Ruiz in their trade proposals because he isn’t getting traded. Neither are Smith, May and Lux. And it would take some doing to pry away Gonsolin, Peters, Downs, Gray or Cartaya. If teams sincerely want prospects for a relief pitcher, then the Dodgers are dealing from strength due to their depth. They can trade the pitcher to some other team. But in all likelihood, it’s doubtful they would get more than what the Dodgers can offer. And this is with the four untouchables off the table.

  5. Approach the royals. I’m going with Ruiz, DJ Peters, Gonslin, Stripling for Kennedy Diekman and Merryfield. Gives them the youngsters and the dodgers have good young catchers. We can afford to give up one and will Smith is important because he needs to be in there right now. Peters looks like something good but is buried in our deep outfield and Gonslin and Strip are replaceable but effective. We get back a beast at 2nd to move Kike back to the role he thrived in and get our lefty specialist plus another solid relief pitcher in Ian. Still have plenty more to do more moves if they feel the need after.

  6. I’m wondering whT the value of a low cost Maeda contract would be worth. Maeda is a luxury as a #4 pitcher with a weak contact rate against st him and a low WHIP. If he is more valuable than Stripling to Cleveland , could we pair a more rare prospect? Stripling is maybe they would prefer that to Maeda and his team friendly contract?

  7. Unfortunately, the Dodgers need to remedy the lackluster hitting from the catching position, they need Smith now. That leaves Barnes or Martin to either be part of a trade or DFA. Urias might be a great remedy for the closer position if Jansen continues to struggle. In the best interest of keeping chemistry intact, besides moving Barnes, we can rely on the excess pitching to become the pen in October. Don’t give away the future or destroy the dynamic that exists.

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