Evaluating the Trade Value of LA Dodgers Utility Player Matt Beaty

Beaty has been a welcome surprise for the Dodgers this season and could be trade bait.

The Dodgers are in the hunt for some big fish this trade deadline season as it appears they want to bring a top-tier reliever or two to the back-end of the bullpen. The organization has many strengths, with one sticking out above the rest: depth. With an outfield logjam and a top of the line farm system, the ease of making a trade of Matt Beaty is apparent.

After two years of disappointing World Series losses, it is no secret that the Dodgers need to make a move and it is entirely obvious which facet of their game needs to improve: the bullpen.

This is why Matt Beaty may prove valuable as a trade chip this July as a fully healthy roster may be so talented that Beaty is left out.

Matt Beaty can flat out hit. He has proven to be able to do as much. The issue is, though, a good one to have with the Dodgers having so many good position players that they can afford to keep a guy with a .307 batting average and 117 wRC+ down in Triple-A. Moreover, he’s had an incredible clutch gene in his first few months in the big leagues.

Beaty is the type of guy that the Dodgers love to have on their roster, but with his value at its peak, the time to sell could be now.

Personally, I have attached myself to Beaty because I am a huge fan of his game, but I realize that I may have to outgrow it. Beaty is a prime trade candidate and should he be able to bring back an elite arm as a secondary or tertiary trade piece, the Dodgers should consider moving him.

Beaty has accrued 0.3 WAR in 40 games this season for the Dodgers and has caught fire in recent days — just in time for the trade deadline.

We will see what happens, but there is a very good chance Matt Beaty will no longer be wearing a Dodger uniform come August.

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  1. I would not trade Beaty, Instead I will put Joc Pederson along with one mid range prospect or two to bring back a decent high-quality reliever, Beaty is a better hitter and more disciplined at the plate and it looks like you can hit left-handers Joc is totally lost against left-handed pitching. Big mistake to trade Beaty.

  2. Trade Beaty? Do you want to demoralize the team even more? The bullpen has done that already, thank you! Trade Pederson. He’s an all or nothing ballplayer, and his defense isn’t as good as it once was. Package him with some minor league talent. The Dodgers problem is that Friedman is a hoarder. You can’t keep all these guys in the minors, so you might as well get something that can be used at the major league level.

  3. I too am a fan of Beaty’s game and his ability in clutch situations. It is easy to say trade Joc or Austin Barnes because of their struggles, but what are they going to bring you in return? The league has seen enough of them to realize their limitations. Unfortunately, you have to trade quality to get quality and Beaty is more valuable than either of the aforementioned Dodgers.

  4. Trade Peterson/Kiki/Barnes. Beaty outplays them all. Kiki can’t hit R/handers and Joc can,t hit L/handers while Barnes can’t hit either. We have food players in minors that can fill those roles. Get rid of them and take away Roberts play them because they like me attitude. Wonder if you can trade the manager?

    • Trade Joc to Padres for their good reliever and watch him hit 50 plus hrs 100 plus rbis and lead Padres to their 1st world series championship title.Joc can hit lefthanders but he’ll do it for somebody else that plays him everyday.meanwhile Roberts will keep making same stupid mistakes regardless of who you bring.It’s ridiculous how he always make same stupid mistakes and never learns from them

  5. To get something of value you have to offer something of value….but Beaty is one of our own, and he is an up and coming young star, don’t trade your future…..offer to trade Pollock. See what that gets you………..

      • Hi Paul!……..Dodgers and Friedman have made a living eating dead salary…..I could start you a list of some impressive names the Dodgers have moved and eaten some salary in the process……..remember the last one? It was Homer Bailey……eating some of Pollock’s money would be no different……to fix this bullpen you have to part with someone other teams would want and Pollock fits that description…………..the Dodgers current roster has proved they can be successful with or without him here……….trading Max Beaty would be stupid IMO……….all these young players we have brought along the pipeline are going to sustain winning here for years to come. Max is a keeper.

  6. Trade Pederson, possibly Barns & a couple minor leaguers, or cash for a good bull pen pitcher. Do not let Beatty
    go! The trade of Puig is proving to be a big mistake. The last time I checked he had 22 home runs, 60 runs batted in & still holding runners from advancing.
    If you don’t trade Joc, don’t let him play 1st base! He’s horrible there and we have 3 other players that are 1st basemen. This isn’t spring training!
    Once again Roberts is playing musical bases because the Dodgers have a nice lead, just as he has in the past.

    • The Puig trade was a stroke of genius by Friedman. Got rid of pieces that didn’tr fit, added two young gems in Jeter Downs and Josiah Gray. Puig and Kemp were the Dodgers’ two worst defensive outfielders.

  7. Everyone seems to be unhappy with Joc, Barnes, and Kike. Joc and Kike have the track record of not being able to hit LH or RH pitching respectively. I have wanted them to send Barnes down and bring up Smith for a while. Just to see if Barnes may be able to figure it out down there. Yes I want to keep Beaty cuz he can play first and OF, but then other teams that you guys want to give up talented bullpen arms to us see the flaws in those players as well. If you don’t want bargain basement guys, you have to give up something. We are deep in the farm system and will need to give up some names if we want a Hand or Vasquez. I don’t believe the Pirates will trade Vasquez without a ton of top level talent. Beaty, Ruiz along with 1 or 2 minor leaguers could be the key to get Hand from Cleveland. I would like to see Lux get an opportunity soon. I also think we can bring up May to help in the bullpen. Hopefully we can keep Beaty, but I just think he is the piece that could keep us from failing to win the whole thing this year.

  8. Did we not have a great B.P. last season ? What happened, are they getting restless being in the pen ? Now let me see if I have this straight. Matt who is good on first and as a outfielder, and can hit,makes him a high value trade bait. Poor Matt you should have held some of that back.Take him out of trade talks and package up Maeda,Urius and Lux.

    • Urias is NOT going anywhere and as far as I am concerned Lux is untouchable. His great showing at OKC right now also includes him handling LHP well enough. I just saw a highlight of one of his HR’s that he took a LHP deep on. Some may say that because dodgers are deep there would be no room for him. But remember that no matter who comes up here from minors, be it a LHB or RHB moves on the roster would have to made in any event.

  9. I would also keep Beaty and be open o trade Pederson or Taylor. If they can get a Great Bullpen guy I think they should be open to trading Gonsolin. Rios, Peters Jake or Dj or even Ruiz,
    They need BP help in the worst way. Jansen is scary.

    Several of the older players at the Farm Team level are blocked by players that are better than they are. Guys like Muncy, Verdugo, Seager, Bellinger are not going anywhere and Pollock has a multi-year contract. And you have to figure next year at the very least Lux and Smith will be up. So trade some of the other guys the Dodgers need to get better in the bullpen.

    All you need in a 7 game series is 3 or 4 starters. Kershaw, Buehler, Ryu and Hill, Stripling or Maeda gives you a couple of incredible guys in the bullpen like Urias and possibly Maeda. Stripling so far has pitched better as a starter than a reliever as he has a 4 pitch mix. Hill could also be a great reliever for an inning or two as his curves and arm angle changes throw batters timing off.

  10. Pederson will get more in a trade then a Matt Beatty. Dodgers got fleeced trading Alvarez to Houston for a reliever.How about the Konerko for a reliever who Tommy Lasorda loved named Shaw? They will trade the shortstop acquired for Puig soon. They will probably include one of the catching prospects, Hernandez too valuable not going anywhere.

  11. No way! Beaty is a potential 5x batting champion. Trade Joc instead as part of a package with Ruiz, Gonsolin, Garlick, and maybe even May. I’d trade Dustin May and maybe even Lux before I’d move a pure hitter like Beaty.

  12. Keep Beaty and trade Pederson. Some sucker will take him because of his home run total. Beaty is one of the few Dodgers that has a set, and does not crumble under pressure.

  13. Well it looks like your idea did not garner a lot of support. I tend to agree that Matt Beatty is a star for us. Joc, Austin and what about Chris Taylor as trade options?

  14. Beaty has Chemistry, Joc, lacks octane, hernandez lacks consistancy, Barnes is in and out of the woodshed. Beaty reminds me of a freshman Max Muncy.
    Beaty is like a rare gem.
    My nickname for Beaty is ” AGATE BEATY” .
    Agate is considered a protective stone. It is believed to attract strength and offer protection from bad dreams, stress and the draining of energy. Agate is said to balance energies and awaken talents.
    RACK ME!!!

  15. Dodger brass, see the comments above. KEEP BEATY…DO NOT TRADE HIM! He is a natural. You brought him up, plugged him in and now you know what you have. It is a player like himself that could be our hero down the stretch and into post season. Kudos to this organization for developing all this talent and continuing to give players opportunities when other teams give up on them.

  16. Beaty has Chemistry, Joc, lacks octane, hernandez lacks consistancy, Barnes is in and out of the woodshed.
    Beaty is like a gem.
    My nickname for Beaty is ” AGATE BEATY” .
    Agate is considered a protective stone. It is believed to attract strength and offer protection from bad dreams, stress and the draining of energy. Agate is said to balance energies and awaken talents.
    RACK ME!!!

  17. Why not bring up some of our best pitching prospects from the minors to try to help the bullpen? We have a big lead, we could work them in slowly and see what happens. Might save us from trading away the future.

  18. The thought of trading Beaty makes me sick. He has proven to be offensively invaluable, specifically in clutch situations (whether we ultimately capitalized on it or not.) Although I’m not sure who we should be trading to get the bull pen support that we desperately need, Dodgers’ sacrifices must be reasonable. As far as I am concerned, Beaty is not a reasonable trade.

  19. C’mon people Kike and Barnes have almost no trade value! Can’t get something to help the team for nothing! We’re going to have to lose a young player we like in order to improve, and if that means Beatty, or Smith, or Keibert, so be it!

  20. Beaty just hit a 3 run homer at the end of the 8th to get us out of the (tied game) mess our bullpen, with the help of 2 errors, got us into. As I was saying, before the game, trading Beaty is NOT reasonable, period. But this game, against a team with one of the worst records in baseball, further shows that we need to resolve our bull pen issues externally. We had to utilize 4 pitchers to get out of the 8th…..against the Marlins. SIGH.

  21. Kiki is not all that. He constantly makes errors and his hitting is horrible. He’s a 230 career hitter. Sure he has maybe 2 good runs per year but it is silly to have a great hitter like Beaty in the minors. Trade Kiki plus joc and barnes if anyone will have them for a good reliever. Getting rid of 3 low 200 hitters will make the Dodgers immediately better.

  22. When the Dodgers wanted to trade Pedro Martinez I was hollering at the top of my Lungs NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Well, I am hollering once again on trading Beaty. Do not Do it. I almost would rather see them trade Joc (And I like Joc a lot especially in the postseason) .

  23. Beaty has done great in a small sample this year…if you remember Joc his rookie year was on fire till the HR derby and he slipped the next half of the season and next year but has been making a better showing this year and last postseason he was very good!!! So trading Beaty and or Ruiz isn’t a major deal…I think Dodgers wouldn’t consider trading Lux, May or Smith at this point…maybe Stripling in a trade but that hurts both as a starter and bullpen goes…but if you could trade Stripling and Beaty or Ruiz and a lower minor piece for Hand,Yates or Vázquez I believe that would be a win…if not one of those guys I wouldn’t trade Stripling…Go Blue!!!