Favorite Dodger Nicknames for Players Weekend

With MLB Player’s Weekend coming up from August 24th-August 26th, we thought we’d touch on a light-hearted topic: The best Dodger nicknames. We also asked you the fans, your favorite ones.

The Sultan of Swat. The Great Bambino. Hammerin’ Hank. The Say Hey Kid. The Left Arm of God. The Bulldog. El Toro. King Kershaw. The list of iconic baseball nicknames has been abridged and expanded for almost 100 years. Last year MLB decided to make a weekend of it-called Players Weekend. It was definitely an attempt to appeal to a younger fanbase–and those of us who remember it’s actually a game and meant to be enjoyed. It was no doubt to sell expensive jerseys as well! The nicknames were no doubt our favorite part, and this year is no exception.

Dodgers Nation Staff Favorite Nicknames

AJ Gonzalez: Forgive my long answer, but I am writing this one after all.

Dick Mountain is the obvious favorite. I started using it early on in our twitter casts, I believe I heard it first from Amanda Smith (@AmandaRTubbs on twitter) and it’s absolutely something I would’ve called him were I quicker. The fact that he’s using it on his jersey is absolutely golden. I also like Silver Fox, and Bull (for Dozier) is pretty clever. To be honest, a lot of my favorite great nicknames for our Dodgers are ones we use on our tweetcasts. A lot of the pretty unique/out there ones in our I tend to use in our #LineupFun. If you’re a fan of The Office, I was pretty proud of “BattLickerOurPricesHaveNeverBeenLower.” I also liked combining them when I referenced Cody Bellinger and Andrew Toles in the lineup: “ForWhomTheBell (wait for it) TOLES.

Also: DozierPls, but that’s a deeper reference!

Your Favorite Dodger Nicknames

Last Thoughts

Dick Mountain was obviously the fan favorite. Kenleyfornia is also pretty popular. “Ferris” is pretty good for Buehler (though he may have the day off!) We still never found out why Joc is calling himself “King” instead of “Large Adult Son” but oh well I declined to include some of the negative ones despite some of them being VERY funny. Dodgers Nation doesn’t need any more of that at the moment.

However, one fan also wrote “Dodgers 2018 World Series Champions!” I think we can all admire the optimism, and hope that those words are prescient of coming events. Enjoy Players weekend!

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