Former Dodgers All-Star Andre Ethier Geeks Out Over Special Guest Caller

During this baseball shutdown, finding entertaining content is no doubt a tall task. Thankfully for AM570 Dodger Talk host Dave Vassegh he’s been able to rely on former Dodgers All-Star Andre Ethier to help fill the void each week.

Now, this week Vassegh pulled off a fantastic surprise for the retired outfielder… He brought in his idol.

As a special guest caller, Vassegh welcomed MLB Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. Ethier’s jaw dropped.

“How are you doing, Mr. Griffey?”

It felt like one of those I don’t know what to do with my hands moments for Andre.

I have chills right now being able to talk to you right now on the radio. … I like to tell kids when I go out and speak or tell them about this great game that we got a chance to play — from a young age to the major leagues and how it really is a dream and how you can imagine it in whatever you dream and you believe sometimes ends up being reality later on in life.

It’s a true story, I say my dad would take me out to see you play and 12 years later I get to put on a Dodger uniform and step on that field and I’m a peer of yours now and that was a surreal moment in my baseball career for me.

The two played against each other a total of 17 times between 2006-2009, with 2006 being Dre Day’s rookie year.

Seeing a fan favorite and long-time Dodger hero light up the way Ethier did with Junior really was a breath of fresh air during these trying times.

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