Game Recap: Dodgers extend losing streak to three games against Cardinals

The Dodgers are getting a taste of reality, after their 7-2 loss to the St. Cardinals extended their losing streak to three games. Now, the Dodgers are in a two-way tie for first place in the NL West with the San Diego Padres.

The Dodgers’ sluggers have taken a backseat to extra-base hitting as they’ve either racked up strikeouts or hit bloopers into the outfield.

In L.A.’s five hits, only 2 resulted in runs while 10 runners were left stranded. While the season is still in its early stages, the offensive’s output is day and night compared to the Dodgers’ first nine games.

Quiet L.A. Offense

The Dodgers are on the verge of getting swept for the first time this season, as the Cardinals have outscored the L.A.15-5 in the first three games of the four-game series, so far.

11 strikeouts wiped the Dodgers from the base paths, although they were able to create traffic. While the season-long home run party continued with Max Muncy going the distance in the seventh inning. But it was a Joc Pederson solo home run in in the sixth that finally put L.A. on the board.

Corey Seager and Justin Turner have yet to caught fire this first month in season, as they both went 0-4 against the Cardinals today.

Hot Hitting Cardinals

Even with the Cardinals making questionable plays in the outfield, they’ve hit their way around the Dodgers. Beside Kenta Maeda keeping them within striking distance for a comeback win, Marcell Ozuna clobbered a three-run home run in the seventh that seemingly put any chance to bed for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers wrap up the four-game series tomorrow morning at 10:15 a.m. with marquee matchup between an upcoming star in Walker Buehler, who will be the Dodgers starting pitcher, and Michael Wacha, the Cardinals seasoned veteran on the mound.

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  1. Needless to say we have gone back to who we were last season offensively…… streaks over……….Cardinals always a challenge for people who wear Dodger blue for some reason……our Dodger teams, they give us a great taste and then under achieve to return us to reality……only 5 runs scored in three games, OUCH!…..a .183 team batting average?…….(17 for 93) with 27 strikeouts as a team………23 LOB so far this series……… muy malo………winter is coming!

  2. Blame the team.. but leave the manger there.. he sucked last year.. and he sucks this year… get rid of the front office and the manger..this ylou never know who is playing or where is not working that is not obvious????

  3. (Not happy about it but) I think the Cards are simply getting the best of us. For myriad of reason(s), they have shut us down. Dodgers need to figure it out. and get ready to redeem themselves by winning this last game of the series. But even if they don’t, I am not ready to throw any player, manager and or front office under the bus because we lose a series. There will be more losses to come…. That’s baseball.

  4. What concerns me with Turner is he hasn’t hit a homerun yet. Seager, Taylor and until last night’s game, Pederson was 0-18 because those braniacs kept Joc out of the line-up because the Dodgers 4-consecutive LHPs. I Know Pederson looks lost when he faces a LHP, but how he is suppose to figure it out(how to hit LHP), now he’s going through spring-training again, he can’t hit RHPs either. Why does Taylor still get starts when he is basically an “automatic-out?” Yes it seems like I’m overeacting!

  5. New year same results. Baez and Yimi. Can there be any kind of logical explanation for these guys even being on the roster? Roberts loves these guys. They just brought up Chagouis who is similar. Time for Gonsoulin and May with Buehler failing as well. Or go get Kimbrel.

  6. Having just watched Baez give up another game – an 11-7 defeat and a 4 game sweep by the Cardinals – I must ask the question : Is Baez the only reliever we have who can throw pitches? Forget about Yimi. Both of these gentlemen should be banished to the island. We fought back today, and that was good to see. Rocky Gale was Rocky : he is to hitting what Baez is to pitching. What makes this loss even worse was that the Cards sat three of their top players. This is not a good omen!!! And we have 3 with the Brewers starting tomorrow night!!!! Lets Go Blue!!!!

  7. I started saying at the beginning of the season that the dodgers have enough hitting but I didn’t think they had the right pitchers or bullpen. Especially the bull pen, come on Baez? And Garcia to name some. kelly is starting off a bit off but I think he’ll come back. Also the defense was terrible, looked like the bad news bears. Yes all you guys and gals say all your bad talking about the Dodgers but at the End you’ll still be a Dodger Fan.