Here Are The New Food Menu Items At Dodger Stadium for 2018

Aside from exciting promotional nights and a great roster, nothing brings out the crowds like good ballpark food. Think about it: even a modest baseball fan can enjoy the background of a ballgame with a cold beer, and some quality eats. Baseball has recently seen all 30 teams trying to one-up the other in this department where anyone can compete. The Dodgers announced their new menu items on Tuesday, and they’re going to be eclectic.

We owe our pal Arash Markazi a solid on this one. Markazi was at the stadium to taste the new items and reporting them to twitter. I’ll post a few of my favorites as long as you promise not to visit the grocery after immediately looking at these. That couldn’t lead to anything good for your wallet.

New Dodger Stadium Menu Feature Items For 2018

This is the Cheet-o-lote. Aside from the unique name, your mouth should be watering just thinking about it. Probably not the best thing if you’re on a date or wearing a Dodger home-white jersey. Be careful out there with the Cheet-o-lote my friends.

Here is your standard item that you can trick yourself into thinking it’s healthy enough but probably is not. You’re not getting out of the ballpark without consuming 1500 calories, but there is turkey on this somewhere. I know as a guy, this is how I think. Turkey is healthy, close enough. Better than a burger, yes I’ll have one.

My sentimental pick. The King’s choice. Look at this beauty. There just can’t be many parks around baseball that offer you a New England lobster roll. I have to have one to die a happy man, in fact.

I know in my trips to Dodger Stadium, I was content to run down some grilled Dodger Dogs rather than steamed. Once I washed that down with a churro, I felt like I had completed my mission. But as shown, there’s a whole new world to be enjoyed in the way of ballpark food if you seek it.

Farmer John will have some fierce competition moving forward. The Dodgers have upped their game in the food department that more than three million fans will be able to enjoy in 2018. At first glance – it appears to follow suit with everything else the organization has done lately – first class.

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