Dodgers: Justin Turner Shaved His Beard Clean

Following up a day of huge news for the Los Angeles Dodgers, more huge news has made it’s way out on Saturday. Per TMZ, Ginger Jesus, the bearded red hero of the Dodgers; Justin Turner has shaven his red beard clean. You can see a photo of Turner without his beard below.

Now, I wouldn’t say that Turner is outright ‘unrecognizable’ as the social media headline suggests; but this is going to take some getting used to.

You know that your beard is good when it’s newsy hours after you set down your razor. We will have more on Justin Turner’s beard in the days to come, perhaps. The best news of all is that he has an entire offseason to grow it back.

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  1. I love Justin Turner, but I’ve got to say, that was one of the worst looking beards I’ve ever seen. Can’t tell you how many folks referred to him as “Taliban Turner”. He would look good with a short cropped trimmed beard, but if his offensive prowess depends on that straggly thing (Sampson), I suppose we can tolerate it. We need him at third and in the lineup every day unless Roberts decides to platoon him too. Analytics carried way too far.

  2. Justin Turner, on the subject that you shaved off your beard… well everyone has their reasons and time… if that was your choice to do it now, well then there you have it.
    If for no other reason than , mine, I would have waited till Christmas morning.
    My story; I grew my beard, and I am several years older than you, so my beard is white. Anyway as much as I liked it and liked the idea that my grandkids as well as others calling me Santa was a cool feeling. Although I knew my wife didn’t like it as much, thinking I was looking like a homeless person. Anyway to keep the story short. I kept it through Christmas Eve, but that night while everyone slept I shaved it off , one for my wife and for many other reasons. The funniest thing was that the next morning I waited to see who would notice first.
    My wife and I got up and picked up my son and went to my daughters house and grandkids for a Christmas breakfast and presents. My son in law cooked an amazing meal as usual. Well it had been about 2 hours into the morning and everyone is running all through the house and my beautiful youngest granddaughter,stopped, stared at me and blurted out ‘Grandpa you shaved off your beard!!’ There was all the sudden total silence, shock, guilt, and disbelief!! No one said a word for a few seconds while everyone stared at me then couldn’t believe they hadn’t noticed until an innocent child noticed first.
    Anyway I was hoping if you did it you could have waited and been the red bearded Santa that disappeared from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day ?

    • Heeey Dan…when I was younger my beard & stash was on & off every few months. At one point I had it about a year and one morning I just decided to shave it….It took my wife & kids two weeks before anyone noticed!!! Sooo much for paying attention to Daddy!
      As for Justin I think he was both tired of it and also pissed at the team for losing so he took it out on his beard!!!