Kenley Jansen Talks Another Blown Save and Fan Reactions on What’s Next

Athletes sometimes have a perception of invulnerability, with the paychecks and life style most of us can only dream of. In those dreams, we rarely think about the hardships and struggles that money and fame can’t buy away. The roller coaster that is Kenley Jansen’s life right now is something that can test any human, with a life threatening heart condition, the birth of a new baby boy and coming back into a pressure packed playoff race that has left his fellow bullpen mates struggling to carry the burden.

Last night, the Dodgers fought to win a game versus the San Diego Padres, but with a one run lead in the top of the 9th, California Love was asked to put aside all the other things going on in his life to help the Dodgers get back into the playoff race.

A misplaced cutter and the game is tied 4-4, as a deflated crowd in Dodger Stadium tries to muster up enough energy to get the boys in blue a shot in the arm to get another run to win this game.

After some divine intervention in Blue Heaven, the lights came back on and the Dodgers were able to make up for Kenley’s mistake and win the game.

Now onto the reactions and questions from Kenley, fans and the media:


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  1. I’ve been looking at kenley really close since the second half of last season. If you looked really close at his pitches. You can see the cutter has lost the life it had. Kenley now has to use the curve and slider more. Mix his pitches the cutter by itself won’t work anymore not at 92mph or less. The had life when he was throwing 95 plus.and that is gone.