LA Dodgers: Dustin May Open to Any Pitching Role in the Postseason

Game one of MLB’s new three game Wild Card round is less than two weeks away. For the Dodgers, Dave Roberts is taking some liberties with the calendar and standings to experiment with some odds and ends and scenarios heading into October. One that fans are noticing being testing more of late is that of the opener.

Doc test drove the opener first on Sunday out of necessity. He went to the well again on Wednesday seemingly as an experiment. Moreover, he said after Wednesday’s win that the club was looking to go that route once again on Friday. 

Wednesday’s experiment came somewhat at the expense of righty flamethrower Dustin May, who was expecting to start. Roberts attributed it to maximizing matchups, something that we could see happen more in October. 

In this situation where we have five starters that we like a lot, but there’s certain matchups you can benefit from and maximize, it just gives you a better chance to win. … Each club needs to find ways to get 27 outs and everyone has different views on it.

So with Dustin May being the guy they referred to as the “bulk guy” for this game, he was asked his thoughts on potential roles for the playoffs, primarily how he would feel coming out of the bullpen.

I feel confident — I had a lot of experience last year so I’m totally fine.

May is tied for the team lead in starts this season, but the majority of his outings last year came in relief. While he struggled initially entering from the bullpen, he strung together 8 consecutive scoreless outings to end the season. He kept that role going into the playoffs where he allowed 1 run in 3.1 innings pitched.

Laying all the cards out on the table, it seems like Doc and the Dodgers may be open to going a little off-script this October as the club seeks its first World Series win in more than 30 years.

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  1. God help us! Dave Roberts is thinking again. We have the best team with the best record in baseball, and Roberts is trying to invent new and creative ways to screw it up. In the immortal words of Crash Davis, “Don’t think (DR), it can only hurt the ball club.

    Roberts resisted Betts in the leadoff spot when everyone knew that’s where he belonged. Even put him at second base for one game. Why?

    Roberts resisted even putting Gonsolin on the roster, even when his ERA was zero. Now he has the best numbers on the staff.

    Roberts continues to give the ball to Jansen, who is basically throwing batting practice pitches to opposing hitters when he isn’t walking them.

    If Roberts ever has a good idea, it will surely die of loneliness.

    There is only one thing that can derail a Dodger championship this year. And his name is Dave Roberts. The same thing that has derailed them in the past.