LA Dodgers Odds to Win World Series Top Teams Closing In

Are the Wise Guys Ever Wrong?

With back to back World Series appearances and a roster of players who have matured and gain significant experience over those two years, the Dodgers have been the favorites to win the World Series every since Spring Training.

The question is whether they can maintain the momentum of the amazing start they’ve had, compiling a 60-32 record before the All-Star Break. In fact they are the only team to reach 60 wins so far this season.

With that being said, here are the latest odds from the wise guys at Bovada. Who will be placing down some bets on the Dodgers or is that jinxing it?

For those who are newbies to gambling, let’s take the Dodgers at +270 for example: if you place $100, you would win $270 on the Dodgers, so you would make an additional $170. Hope that helpsl

Los Angeles Dodgers +270
New York Yankees +333
Houston Astros +375
Atlanta Braves +800
Minnesota Twins +850
Chicago Cubs +2000
Philadelphia Phillies +2300
Tampa Bay Rays +2500
Milwaukee Brewers +2500
Boston Red Sox +2500
Washington Nationals +2500
Cleveland Indians +3000
Oakland Athletics +3500
St. Louis Cardinals +4000
Texas Rangers +5000
Colorado Rockies +6600
Cincinnati Reds +7000
San Diego Padres +8000
Arizona Diamondbacks +9000
Pittsburgh Pirates +9000
Los Angeles Angels +10000
New York Mets +20000
Chicago White Sox +25000
San Francisco Giants +100000
Seattle Mariners +300000
Toronto Blue Jays +300000
Detroit Tigers +400000
Baltimore Orioles +400000
Kansas City Royals +400000
Miami Marlins +400000

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  1. We just can’t beat the Yankees or the Astros, if we get the WS they will kick us in the ass, it’s sad but true.

  2. Odds are meaningless it bases who’s most likely to win it all based on talent but in sports especially baseball that means absolutely nothing. The Dodgers always have good odds and still haven’t won it all

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