LA Dodgers Pitcher Dustin May Ends Nickname Talk

Big Red is not a fan of the nicknames given to him by fans.

Dodgers starting pitcher Dustin May, who is one of the top prospects in baseball and also features an 80-grade flow, discussed his nicknames and hair in an interview with Liz Habib of Fox 11.

One of May’s nicknames, Gingergaard, became popular among fans due to a comparison between him and New York Mets’ starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard, who has flowing blonde hair and throws a similar pitch mix to May.

When asked about the nickname Gingergaard, May said he doesn’t really like it, but he is ok with being compared to Syndergaard as a pitcher.

“I’m not a huge fan of it,” May said. “But if they use it in a nice way, it’s ok.”

Syndergaard already made his thoughts on the nickname clear, saying “That’s just [stupid]. … I really don’t care about an opposing pitcher.”

For fans who want to call May by his preferred nickname, he likes to keep it straightforward.

“Plain and simple, just Big Red,” May said. “That’s the generic one. I mean that’s the one that pretty much started [it].”

As one of two players on the team with red hair, May said his nickname hasn’t been brought up in any conversations with Justin Turner.

Perhaps the most shocking part of the interview is May said people have made fun of his hair.

“There’s definitely the trolls out there that go after me for my hair,” May said. “But I really like it so I’m going to keep it.”

His fans will be happy to know he’s keeping his flow since they cheered when he took off his hoodie to let hair show while warming up for his debut.

“Yeah, I definitely heard it,” May said about the cheers for his hair. “It gave me a smile for sure. That was definitely really exciting.”

Written by Blake Williams

I graduated with an Associate's Degree in Journalism from Los Angeles Pierce College and now I'm working towards my Bachelor's at Cal State University, Northridge. I'm currently the managing editor for the Roundup News and a writer for Dodgers Nation. Around the age of 12, I fell in love with baseball and in high school, I realized my best path to working in baseball was as a writer, so that's the path I followed. I also like to bring an analytics viewpoint to my work and I'm always willing to help someone understand them since so many people have done the same for me. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I call Dustin May the “MARS DUST STORM”, MARS for May, DUST for Dustin, STORM for his pitches. The fact the Mars The Red Planet fits perfectly with the red hair.

    So you heard it here first, Dustin May aka “MARS DUST STORM”. Get those T-Shirts ready!

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