in Lists The Dodgers Top Trade Offseason Chip

Nothing brings trade chips into play like the hot stove months of the offseason. was nice enough to list the top offseason trade chip for each team in baseball, and the Dodgers’ candidate was not a surprising one. lists Matt Kemp as the Dodgers top offseason trade chip, and take a look at what they have to say about the veteran gaining this distinction.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Matt Kemp 
Kemp had a solid regular season, hitting 21 home runs with an .818 OPS in 146 games, but he disappeared in the postseason, hitting one home run with three RBIs with a .548 OPS in 13 games. Kemp is owed $21.5 million in the final year of his eight-year contract, and the Dodgers would surely love to save at least part of that salary.

It is true that Kemp had a great 2018 season. Surely, the Dodgers would like to offload his salary. However, does this make Kemp the top asset that could be traded?

The most exciting names to top the list that compiled were Paul Goldschmidt, Ian Happ, Billy Hamilton, J.T. Realmuto, Joey Gallo, Carlos Carassco, James Paxton, and Jose Abreu. When compared against those names, Kemp may seem almost unheralded.

One might think if Kemp is the biggest name to be made available by Los Angeles, the Dodgers won’t get a huge return back. Do you agree or disagree?


Nevertheless, Matt Kemp was a phenomenal Dodger in 2018. Los Angeles doesn’t get back to the World Series without the things he did. There were stretches in which he put the offense on his back, and he was a positive influence on youth in the clubhouse. We should be forever in debt to him for that. However, the Dodgers have too many outfielders. They would like to be under the luxury tax. Even if Kemp isn’t the biggest name that they will discuss on trade phones this winter, he’s certainly the most likely for a multitude of reasons.

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  1. Kemp is a contact situational hitter. We do not have enough of those type of hitters. That is a big reason we lose in the WS. How many runners in scoring position did we leave in the Playoffs or the regular season. Its maddening…
    I would trade Pedersen. Make sure Bellinger goes to a hitting instructor to fix that huge hole in his swing…When the game is in late innings and you need a run it is not OK to swing for the fences like these idiots do every time. Flatten and take a smaller swing hit the damn ball. Move the runner….

  2. If the Yankees really want to move Stanton to add Machado or Harper and stay under the CBT i think the Dodgers should trade Kemp for Stanton. The Dodgers get a superstar at a cheaper estimated price of either Harper or Machado, the Yankees get a DH and an expiring contract (1 year at 21 million)