MLB Issues Abysmal Offer to Players, Due by Sunday

MLB Issued their latest offer to the player’s union.

We know you’re just as tired as we are of hearing offers between MLB and the player’s union. But once again, the league has issued a new proposal to the players that they reportedly need to make a decision on by Sunday

The latest report is that MLB sent over an offer to the union today, offering up a 72-game season. That 72-game season would be paid out at roughly a 70 percent prorated salary, or the equivalent of a full salary at just 50 games. 

At this point, it seems like the league is just telling the players that we are going to have 50 games regardless. It would make little sense for the players to accept an offer that would make them work more for the same amount of money they could be making in 50 games. MLB gave a deadline of Sunday to have this agreed upon, but I expected the union will turn it down almost immediately. 

If MLB wants to get games going by July 14th as they have suggested, a deal would need to be worked out by next week. Players have suggested that they would need about three weeks to get back into playing shape before games started.

Be prepared for a 50-game MLB season paid out at a 100 percent prorated salary. The added benefit for players in this deal would hinge entirely on the completion of the playoffs in 2020. 

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  1. 50 games? That means about 9-10 starts for Kershaw with a record of 5-2… and if were lucky some Dodgers might hit up to 10 HR…..Of course we could also see that .400 season… 2020 – The season of asterisks..

  2. I think they should call it a Pandemic Year and try for 2021. Without a vaccine they are going to be challenged to have fans in the stadiums. The Union and MLB are fighting about salaries which is a really unfortunate PR move.
    Many of us have been impacted by the Pandemic in various ways. I am retired so I am in the group that needs to be vigilant about contacting the virus. I have a friend who was only 45 but on a ventilator for 8 days. He still has nightmares about it and is not as he says completely recovered almost 2 months later.
    I live in AZ and the Virus has had a resurgence here averaging almost 1500 new cases a day and the Hospitals like Banner are saying the new patients admitted are in worse shape than previously on average. ICU beds are full according to Banner. My point is this is not the Pandemic is not gong anywhere until there is either “Herd Immunity” which is a nightmare as there are over 250 million people in the country and our Hospitals will be swamped. Or we wait for a vaccine. I Love Baseball! But what is the point?

  3. The millionaires can fight with the billionaires. I’m good.
    I started an online biz, am getting damn good on my strat, and have experienced the appalachian trail as I have always dreamed about.

    Them not playing just keeps more of my $$ and time in my own pockets…