MLB Network Radio Believes Dodgers Frontrunner To Sign Bryce Harper

Within the next week, we should learn a lot about Bryce Harper’s possible future with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Until then, much speculation and forecasting will be done. We will pen many a post that breaks down which experts and pundits believe he’s coming to Los Angeles.

Former Dodger Steve Sax and Jim Memolo of MLB Network Radio believe the Dodgers are the frontrunner. Moreover, you can hear the on-air audio below.

Memolo likely had the biggest quote out of the snippet.

“I think the Dodgers make a lot of sense, to be honest. It’s a star town, he’s got star power. Even though their attendance is pretty good, they need some leverage to get the TV deal. Their entire outfield is in flux; the Dodgers. Think about that.”

This is certainly an interesting take. One would be negligent to say that the outfield is in flux at the current time. While there are always better options around the league, an outfield of Yasiel Puig, Cody Bellinger, and whoever makes sense in left field on a daily basis is formidable.

Equally important is that with each passing day, Harper to the Dodgers truly seems to be gaining steam. We are past the ‘where there is smoke, there is fire’ point. The Dodgers interest in Harper is legitimate, and a strong desire seems to exist to upgrade the outfield. With Los Angeles having the funds to entertain an offer to Harper – they are naturally a frontrunner.

This storyline should take a lot of twists and turns within the week ahead. Without question, we will be watching it closely and relaying all information that makes way to the public.

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  1. But they are trying to trade Puig, which i hate but the players can’t be happy with platooning. We could move on and trade Joc, Kemp, and go after Harper. Next year: Verdugo, Cody, Harper. In that batting order too.

  2. I would rather keep Puig. I want our outfield to be Bellinger, Puig, and Pederson, with maybe some platooning with Kike’ and Joc, but I think Joc will start hitting lefties. He’s a little better every year in that regard.

  3. Dodgers will get Kluber, Harper and Realmuto this off season. They have the trade tools to do it and we will not have to give up Belly, Verdugo. There is also a chance that we sign DJ Lamahieu. This team will be different next season and much less platooning.

  4. Good day to all here or not here. first of course is an OF or 2 must be moved if Harper is in their plans. The only issue with Diego’s OF suggestion is it’s an all LH hitting one, and with this team’s struggles with LHP, I am not sure that is an ideal situation. We MUST improve against LHP, as we all saw how those of Boston took us right out of any chance for a WS ring. I too would perhaps bring Dozier back, as Charly says above here, he played hurt while he was here. H when healthy does well against LHP.

  5. Let me remind you that as far as FA”s go I cannot see many of them lining up to sign with the Dodgers, mainly because of their analytic obsession with platooning and turn regular everyday players into marginal ones. we saw that happen last year to a degree. On Hot Stove this AM Matty V. even joked about it when the topic of LJ Lemehiu came up saying ‘ He could come here, get 1 or 2 AB’s a games and then have to be in a platoon for the next 3 or 4 years. Ludicrous to say the least.

      • Clint, I concur about LA being an alluring town but there have been talks surfacing about certain players who are everyday starters not willing to accept platooning, which most likely will be in play in 2019. And because of this, I truly believe that was one reason why Dodgers fell short in WS again. Last year in the previous off season, Harlod Reynolds claimed he talked with several players who said they hoped that they would not be traded to the Dodgers for fear of being made into a platoon player. I think ya get my drift. Ia not a fan of platooning in the way Dodgers have taken it to a whole new level. I also realize that players are not expected to play in all 162 games too.

    • It is possible, as Puig and Ward were close and he helped Puig a lot. Puig has let it be known that he is a disgruntled player base on how Dodgers are managing their players and Puig has indicated his reduced playing time bothered him.. However in defense of that to a certain point is that Puig has had big time reverse splits, and that cut into his playing time.