MLB News: Baseball Might Allow Games to End in a Tie

One of the great things about sports in America is that we don’t often allow games to end in a tie. We might go 18 innings in a World Series game that literally drains your team for the rest of the series, but we’re not ending in a tie. MLB might be looking to change that in 2020. 

USA Today reported on a number of potential rule changes coming to the 2020 season designed to shorten up games and keep players healthy. MLB and the player’s union reportedly agreed to change the extra innings rule to mirror that of the minor leagues. That would mean in extras, teams would start with runners on second base. This would revert back to normal rules during playoffs. 

In that particular situation, the runner on second would be the last out from the previous inning. Slowpitch softball players in California might know this as a “California tiebreaker” as it is a common solution to extra innings in tournaments. So I guess MLB and slowpitch softball will indeed have something in common. 

Baseball purists have had to take a deep breath throughout all of this, with plenty of rumored changes coming to MLB. If you’re already adding in ties and universal designated hitters, hopefully there isn’t much more they have to change about the game we love. But, whatever it takes to get baseball going again. 

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  1. This season as it’s laid out is already nothing more than an exhibition to give people something to watch. It wouldn’t make it any worse to add ties to it. The problem is they are going to add all these stupid ideas next year just wait and see. There will be a ridiculous amount of playoff teams, ties, DH

  2. What are we doing to baseball, most traditionalist will have a field day with this thought, gee, start a runner at 2nd base after what inning? Yes hard to watch 17 or 18 inning games with no action after the 9th, only for a 2 second walk off homer, worth hanging out for?? This season is almost ruined by the virus and it’s still here, uglh!! If we play (IF) just make it an exhibition, no post season, no winners, no losers and hope we can get an agreement to play for 2021
    “For the Love of the Game”

  3. With as screwy as this whole year has been, Open up Baseball and leave the Rules alone. What a bunch of BS. Settle with the two sides and let the games begin. Playing locally play the National Anthem and let the Dodgers take the Field. Attention Team and Owners “Leave the rules alone”, and enforce the rules (read that cheating of the Astros) or expect the fans to look elsewhere.