MLB News: Buster Olney Roasts MLB Owners with Wedding Crashers Quote

The fallout from MLB canceling regular season games on Tuesday is already starting to mount. Many baseball experts offered their informed opinions on the league’s decision, including ESPN’s Buster Olney. 

On his latest episode of the Baseball Tonight podcast, Olney voiced his frustrations with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and the MLB owners. He prefaced his analysis with the immortal words of Will Farrell’s character in Wedding Crashers, Chazz Reinhold.

“What an idiot! What a loser!”

Olney elaborated why the quote accurately paints MLB owners and commissioner Rob Manfred. 

“I don’t understand the equation that’s being played out on the owners’ side that this makes any sense. Major League Baseball cancelling the first two regular season series after the players’ association turned down their offer.”

Reinhold’s colorful quote even merited a replay on the podcast as Olney reiterated that he fundamentally doesn’t understand the owners’ logic in cancelling regular season games.

“That’s kind how I’m feeling about this, I found it astounding that apparently, someone has decided that the potential gains from the ‘CBT levels’ or what the pool would be to pay young players when they’re in their arbitration years or whatever, can somehow offset the potential losses of losing games. The potential impact of fans not having baseball.”

Olney wasn’t the only one who needed to blow off some steam after the Manfred’s disappointing press conference on Tuesday. MLB players quickly took to Twitter to slam the commissioner and the owners for postponing Opening Day.

According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, MLB and the MLBPA will definitely meet by Thursday or Friday to try to come to an agreement. It’s presumed the two parties will meet in New York City.

If by some miracle a new CBA can be agreed upon this week, the earliest the season can start is April 7th.

Crabcakes, lockouts, and revenue, that’s what MLB does.

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  1. You can see the owners offer on MLB. The players are ticked because they think it’s where the owners should’ve started. The owners are ticked because they give quite a bit toward the players offer.

    I don’t care who wins, just not buying the players are the good guys and the owners are greedy. The players aren’t fine with a lower Luxury cap.. I highly doubt that’s because they want the lower earners to get paid more. It’s most likely because they want more mega deals.

    • FORBES ARTICLE 1/20/22 explains it all .. NFL owners The NBA and Madison ave .. Baseball players play for us , to escape this fake world of greedy BS, For a while ..Where other sports teams are trying to gut baseball , like the MLB and Fox did to the Dodgers , Think back to a time where the world could step back and breath ……………….Where dreams were possible , Where Baseball was the pulse of America , ans still is !!