MLB News: Dodger Fan Ends Up with First MLB Home Run Ball in London

A California transplant posts MLB history on social media.

Major League Baseball has continued it’s tradition of spreading the good word of the game to other continents. The Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics opened their seasons with a 2 game series in Japan. And now baseball finds its way to the UK for the London series featuring the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

This is the first time the highest level of baseball has been played in the UK, and with that comes other firsts. First pitch, first strike, first strikeout, and of course, first home run.

Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks owns the distinction of having hit the first MLB home run in London. It came on a 2-2 changeup in the first inning of the eventual 17-13 New York victory

Dodgers Connection

Where this story gets interesting for Dodger fans is that the historic ball ended up in the hands of Drew Post, a native of Lake Forest, California, and life long Dodgers fan who has been living in the UK since 2006.

Drew was very aware of the situation as it unfolded, and says he probably could have caught the ball on the fly, but chose the safer route.

Even with the national healthcare…

While Drew held the ball, he ultimately did not go home with the souvenir.

It fell into a group of us and, of course, we gave it to a 5 year kid from England who was sat there.

With the Dodgers currently playing slug-fests of their own in the evil known as Coors Field in Colorado, Drew slyly drew the similarities between the most recent Dodger games in Colorado, and the 17-13 pitcher’s duel he was watching unfold.

I’m apparently watching a baseball game in the Coors Field of Europe.

Too soon, Drew… too soon.

Written by Clint Pasillas

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