MLB News: LeBron James’ Company to Produce Series on Astros Cheating Scandal

File this one under NBA and MLB news. Los Angeles fans will be happy to hear that LeBron James is doing more for the city than just his usual above-and-beyond charity work. The NBA superstar is also reportedly doing whatever he can to make sure the Astros get dragged for their part in a cheating scandal. 

Uninterrupted, James’ production company, will partner with the streaming service Quibi to debut a docuseries on the Astros’ electronic sign-stealing scandal. The series will be called Sign Language and will go deep into Houston’s scandal from the last couple of years that shocked all of MLB. 

The documentary will transcend the baseball diamond to explore larger themes of greed, cheating, corruption, sporstmanship, and social media activism. Sign Language will be the definitive documentary about the scandal that rock America’s pastime.- Quibi

It’s unclear as to when the series will start to be released, but it’s expected to have more information released on it this year. The Astros were caught by MLB using video monitors and trash cans to relay signs directly to players at-bat. 

Rob Manfred and MLB officials decided that the Astros players would not be punished, but instead chose to suspend the general manager and manager for one year. The Astros fired Jeff Luhnow and AJ Hinch as a result. 

MLB also handed down a $5 million fine and loss of draft picks for the Astros, a punishment widely criticized by those outside of Houston. The circumstances of the scandal were unprecedented, perhaps part of the reason Manfred handed down such a light sentence from what fans expected. 

LeBron, of course, plays for the Lakers in Los Angeles, where fans know that the Dodgers were robbed of their first World Series victory since 1988 by the cheating Astros. 

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  1. The Dodgers are squandering their mojo with all this whining. Remember what happened to the Rangers when they beaned Joey Bats on his last AB in 2016, and Odor punched him silly at second. It fired up Batista, and he got the satisfaction of ending their season with another homer and then laying his bat down politely. The Dodgers need to man up and stop acting like the bad man stole their lunch money.

  2. The Astros mastered the hi-tech of stealing info from putting in illegal cameras in the outfield, in the dugout and to hire a staff of wizards who master and break down everything the cameras picked up!!!! The manager for Boston, former bench coach for Astros,took that knowledge and used it as manager. No different than a poker player mastering the art of cheating, and that is what it comes down to-CHEATING !!!!

    • The MLB approved cameras were already there like every team has access to. The Astros took the extra step that every team could have if they wanted to. Who knows how many other teams did just that? Another question is how fast and accurate were the Astros of breaking down signs? There are columns that say they really didn’t benefit from cheating.

  3. Please stop saying the Dodgers WS victory was stolen from them. Sure, the Asteos cheated during games in Houston, but Game 7 was in LA, and the Dodgers lost at home. Win Game 7 at home and claim the championship. Don’t keep telling your readers LA would have won if not for cheating. They still could have won, but didn’t. Get over it.

    • They actually would’ve won despite the cheating if Roberts and or Friedman didn’t blow game 2 by pulling Hill after 4 was it? One game was the difference in that series and that’s the one they had to have because it was at home away from the cheating. They win in 5 or 6

    • Look by the time they get to the World Series almost every player is tired. I seen better teams lose worse in the World Series. And it always comes back, but if they won this other game or that game they wouldn’t have to play that game seven. Too many scenarios.

  4. Check the stats on the game 5 Kershaw pitched. Kersh threw 51 breaking pitches and the Asterisks miraculously didn’t swing at a single one of them. That, my friends, is the most telling stat proving they knew what was coming.

  5. Cheating means you are disqualified. Even wrestling (WWE), boxing, and cycling disqualifies cheaters. Manfred just dirtied up MLB, so it can be difficult to separate the sports sometimes.

    • Correctamundo my friend. I have been arguing that point myself. In just about every sport if not all if you are caught cheating in any way you are stripped of whatever title you won and monies. The MLB has to change and punish cheaters to the max. And this happened twice? COME ON!