MLB News: Minimum Player Salaries, League Requests Mediation (Again) & More

MLB and the MLBPA met for the second consecutive day on Tuesday. Unlike Monday, reports are there were just four people in the bargaining session.

The MLBPA submitted a new proposal in regards to arbitration, minimum player salaries and draft lottery concept.

MLB was apparently not pleased with the proposal (shocker!) and once again requested third party mediation for future meetings.

The two sides will meet again on Wednesday and as of now, plan on meeting every day this week.

As Jon Heyman mentions, the league has stated that a deal must be completed by February 28th for Opening Day to happen on time.

For those feeling quite disheartened by today’s events, this writer offers the advice of ESPN’s Jeff Passan – “Bargaining is not linear”. One big breakthrough could quickly expedite the completion of a new CBA, but watershed moments likely won’t come in succession.

Passan also believes a deal could come together in 48-72 hours once a compromise is made on a key topic. 

Baseball fans are hoping those 48 hours happen this week. 

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