MLB News: Players Union Resoundingly Rejects Latest Proposal and it’s Getting Personal

More days wasted. MLBPA director Tony responded to the latest MLB proposal ahead of the imposed Sunday deadline. And it wasn’t exactly ideal for the relationship between both sides.

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Clark directly responded to recent criticisms and concerns put forth by MLB owners, chiefly Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt. Something that Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner among others questioned when DeWitt said teams aren’t profitable.

Sure, boss…

Now the writing is all but on the wall. Both sides say there will be no more proposals meaning that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred will have no choice but to be the bad guy in his eyes and impose a schedule for players to follow, widely expected to be about 48 games.

MLB quickly responded with its own statement.

Not a good look.

In my personal opinion, chances are increasing that players may consider a strike if they’re forced to play without coming to an agreement. That would be an absolute nightmare for the game less than two years before the current collective bargaining agreement expires.

Someone, please save baseball from itself.

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