MLB News: Things Looking Bleak for Opening Day in Latest Reports

The news from Jupiter, FLA is not positive for baseball fans. After reportedly making good progress on a new collective bargaining agreement, things have apparently soured quickly on Tuesday. ESPN’s Jeff Passan shared the bleak news after some earlier back and forth between the league and the MLBPA.

It’s a devastating outcome for fans who have been held hostage all extended offseason long. Opening day for the Dodgers and the 29 other teams was set for 30 days from now with spring training games already set to be underway. Instead, the game has come to a standstill thanks in part to a group of cheap baseball team owners.

While MLB’s 5 pm ET deal deadline is fairly arbitrary, it feels like after 9 straight days of negotiations — including more than 17 hours of work on Monday — the clock might have finally struck midnight on opening day proceeding as scheduled.

The reactions out of Florida are less than ideal.

More to come as the news develops.

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