MLB News: Umpires Protest Verbal Attacks With White Wristbands

On August 19th, Umpires around the league all wore white wristbands in protest of the amount of scrutiny that they have been receiving from players and managers as of late.

This protest was sparked after Ian Kinsler made some comments about Umpire Angel Hernandez after a game where Hernandez ejected Kinsler for staring at him.

After the game, Ian Kinsler spoke with the media about his feelings towards Angel Hernandez. As you can see from the quotes below, he did not hold back one bit. These comments, among others, ended up costing Kinsler $10,000!

Here is what the World Umpires Association had to say in response to Ian Kinsler’s comments and, in their opinion, the Office of the Commissioner’s leniency on the matter. Whether you agree with the statement or not, it is a good read to understand where the umpires are coming from and how strong their stance is.

One of the first umpires to be seen wearing a white wristband was Joe West. This is interesting because he was just coming off of a 3-game suspension after his comments outing Adrian Beltre as the biggest complainer in Major League Baseball. Does that mean it’s okay for umpires to verbally abuse players but not the other way around?

What do you think about this protest? They definitely have the right to protest and should feel free to exercise that right, but do you think it was warranted?

The human element that umpires add is a huge part of baseball, and being able to challenge their calls is an even larger part. We’ve seen time and time again thanks to replays that umpires are capable of getting it wrong, which is okay. Umpires are not robots and they will make mistakes. However, they can’t expect to not face opposition to their calls.

Let us know in the comments below how you think this problem should be handled!

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Written by Alex Perez

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  1. I have always thought part of being an umpire was listening to fans complain. But here is a deeper problem, many people believe Angel Hernandez is a bad ump who makes too many obvious mistakes. I won’t say what the umpire union should or could do about him but I know if he was doing my game it would be a distraction.

  2. Everyone has known for a long time Angel Hernandez’ ego has played a role in altering the game. He is widely renowned as the worst umpire in all of baseball. Even he has realized it at this point – “Hernandez recently filed suit against MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, charging discrimination against minority umpires, making it borderline impossible to fire him now. “

  3. I’m pretty sure a combination of lasers and computer programs, like those used for self-driving cars, could replace all the umpires, speed up the game, and eliminate all the complaining and sniveling. No wrist bands required…

  4. Nobody goes to a game to see the umpires, this is self-evident. For MLB to allow the umpires to be out of uniform, in order to draw attention to themselves, to publicly air a grievance for a perceived slight, destroys the integrity of the game. It is as simple as that. If this common-sense comment languishes in moderation for three days, like my other comment on this subject has, then I will know this website is run by poseurs and I will be done with it.

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