MLB News: Universal DH Coming to Baseball, Owners to Prorate Player Pay, and More!

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One of the biggest things to come out of the MLB this past weekend is the admission that the universal DH is a serious option for the 2020 season. The rule change is reported to have been suggested by MLB and could be part of the package proposal presented to players this week. That would likely need to be approved by the player’s association first, but it seems like that will be the least difficult part. 

There are some GMs who opine they’d prefer to have advanced notice so the National League teams could prepare for the extra bat in the lineup and have an opportunity to sign a free agent bat or trade for more power. But because of the uniqueness of this season and all the difficulties surrounding it, GMs are becoming more open to trying it this year. -Jim Bowden, The Athletic

The universal DH would likely make things easier on pitchers and give coaches more flexibility with rosters. Another possible change that won’t go over quite as well with players, lies with payment. Owners have already discussed the idea that they will pay less than prorated pay, and have even discussed a 50/50 revenue split instead. There are still plenty of obstacles to overcome there. 

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The Dodgers took to Instagram today to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. The post featured Mookie Betts, Clayton Kershaw, Cody Bellinger, Kenley Jansen, Joc Pederson, Will Smith, Alex Wood, Joe Kelly, Corey Seager, and Kiké Hernandez with their wives or mothers. 

Dodgers: MLB Rule Changes Coming, Drastic Draft Changes, and More!

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  1. If it’s a “Sure Fire” Guarantee, to get the season STARTED / & ALLOWING FANS in the stadiums, I’m ALL FOR IT. I DON’T agree with that 50/50 revenue split; That’s B.S.