MLB Superstar Explains Why This CBA Is So Important

Nobody, except for MLB owners and commissioner Rob Manfred, is happy about regular season games being cancelled earlier this week.  MLB players condemned the league’s actions. They also pushed back on the notion that the MLBPA is the main reason why the two sides were unable to agree to a new CBA.

The events even merited a response from Mike Trout – MLB’s quiet superstar.

Trout typically lets his play do the talking. But this isn’t a typical situation. 

Clearly, the three-time AL MVP felt that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred’s rhetoric, and the MLBPA’s mission to improve their economic standing moving forward, required a clear and concise statement.

Trout’s “bargaining in good faith” is in reference to the MLBPA’s opinion that the owners intentionally never proposed a deal that would be acceptable to the players. 

For what it’s worth, the fact that Trout calls out Manfred while nonchalantly referring to the commissioner as “Rob” might be this writer’s favorite part of the slugger’s statement.

MLB and the MLBPA plan to meet this week to continue to negotiate towards a new CBA.

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  1. I’m good with replacement players for this season. But give negotiations one more go, if both sides are still unwilling to move toward each other by more than 20% and the players still won’t accept arbitration, call the Minor Leaguers up. I’d rather watch Dodgers 2.0 over the Summer than nothing.

    • the players make me sick.theyre just as greedy as the owners and try to make it sound like theyre the victims of some sort of gross injustice. theyre sniveling about a 700 thousand minimum salary on a yearly basis.everybodys just agree on the issues they do agree upon and make a temporary cba for a year. then revisit it on a yearly basis until all the issues have been ironed out in the future. because theres too many issues and the only way to solve them takes time to engineer potential solutions. the wealthy are no smarter or dumber than the poor guys. that can be gleaned by analyzing all the moves everyone makes.