MLB Trade News: Dodgers Are Out On Yelich, Brewers In

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the Brewers have managed to swing a deal for Christian Yelich. Meaning the Dodgers are out on Yelich. This was first reported by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Jon Heyman is reporting on who the Marlins will receive as headliner prospects in return:

Both Brinson and Diaz are top 100 prospects, with Brinson being the Brewers #1 prospect. Usually Brinson has been finding himself in the top 20 prospects as well. So for the Dodgers it likely would have taken Buehler plus another top 100 prospect or two to acquire Yelich. And on top of that additional prospects may have been needed to be included. At that price it is understandable why the Dodgers would not have pulled the trigger.

Certainly this is a trade that will help the Brewers improve even more in 2018. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, their rumored interest in the LA native Yelich has come to a close. Throughout the off-season we have detailed countless times that Yelich would be a perfect trade target to bolster the outfield. When Stanton was no longer an option, Ozuna and Yelich became ones. Then Ozuna was sent to the Cardinals. And it became only Yelich.

At 26 years old, Yelich is certainly an ideal player to have. With the success he’s had, any club would be better with him. Gold-Glove defense, and a solid career line of .290/.369/.432, and a team friendly contract all made Yelich one of the better outfielders over the last three years. What the Brewers now have is an excellent outfielder under team control through 2022 at $58.25 million. For them, quite the steal. But beyond that this will continue to have deeper effects in the free agent market. Many outfielders still remain. One of which is not on the market anymore, as the Brewers also have brought Lorezno Cain on-bard per Ken Rosenthal.

Hopefully this trade can stoke the fires of the Hot Stove. And hopefully with that happening, we can see some more players sign soon. The Dodgers still may be pursuing pitching or outfield help. But the front office has been rather quiet on any plans they have. Yu Darvish could be returning, or we may sign another outfielder and trade for a starter. With so much left for the Hot Stove to burn, it is going to be an exciting next couple of weeks.

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